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Who to Call for Lawn Mower Repair

Who to Call for Lawn Mower Repair: Your mower is broken? Does she refuse to wake up after wintering?

Mower breakdowns are not frequent if the machine has benefited from a minimum of regular maintenance. But when it does happen, who to turn to and whom to call? Our tip answers you.

Repair of a mower: fault diagnosis

Without being a specialist or a seasoned handyman, everyone can first identify the faulty element that puts the mower down, without thinking of who to call for lawn mower repair.

According to a simple diagnosis, we can then decide which professional to turn to and, why not, help myself.

Cutting or advancement failure

The engine starts and runs normally, but the cutting blade and/or propulsion does not work. Most of the time, it is a problem of transmission of motor movement to the offending system.

For repair, it is then necessary to approach a specialist in garden cultivation such as a DIY store or a garden centre which has a repair workshop, after having researched the possible cause of the breakdown and checked the usual operations among:

The condition of the mower belt (s) which may be broken, worn, slack and to be tightened or replaced.
A defect on the cables and springs which control the clutch by tensioning rollers of the belt (s).
The level of liquid in the hydrostatic transmission.

Heat engine failure

The engine failure can either be mild and easily resolved yourself, or you will have to take your mower to a conventional mechanic or to a specialist in garden equipment.

The benign engine failure which can most often be solved by oneself must be classified according to different symptoms in order to try to identify its cause and its solution.

If the engine does not start it may be due to:

  • Incorrect placement of the spark plug wire;
  • The safety circuit breaker which may be damaged;
  • To the battery which may be discharged if your starter is electric;
  • The fuel which must be clean and not too old;
  • With the tap open and the hoses which must be in good condition.

If the engine starts and stalls or turns badly:

  • The fuel may be too old.
  • Air and fuel filters may be clogged.
  • Is the candle in good condition?

Here is an article on Lawn Mover Repair Heat Engine Failure

Electric motor failure

An electric motor that snores but does not start is symptomatic of a capacitor fault.

Unless you know how to replace it yourself, the easiest way is to bring the machine to the store or garden centre dealer, who often has the part in stock and can replace it in a very short time.

In the case of an electric battery mower or a robotic lawnmower, most failures are due to a discharged or end-of-life battery which no longer accepts charge/discharge cycles.

Read this article for in-depth explanation on – 5 Causes of Motor Failure and How to Prevent Them

Which repairer for which mower repair?

Who to Call for a Lawn Mower Repair

When you have not detected the cause of a minor breakdown that cannot be resolved by replacing a wearing part (belt, spark plug, etc.), you will then be turned to a professional.

Auto garage mechanic

It is a specialist in petrol engines which is able to troubleshoot or even disassemble and completely reassemble a mower engine and ensure its adjustments and maintenance:

  • Very often it is the specialist closest to you, who will have no problem in dealing punctually or regularly with the maintenance of the engine of a mower.
  • On the other hand, on a cutting or transmission problem, apart from his knowledge of general mechanics, he is not the most qualified to intervene on certain sometimes sophisticated elements of mowers.

DIY-gardening store

If the equipment is under warranty for Lawn mower repair, you must go to the seller. Two cases are then possible if the breakdown is covered or not by the warranty:

  • Apart from fuel or handling errors and breakdowns related to a defect in the wearing parts of lawn mower repair, the warranty must work and the seller must take responsibility for the repair.
  • On the other hand, pay attention to the deadlines especially if the gardening or DIY store does not have its own repair workshop.

Mail Order After Sales Service (SAV-VPC)

In the case of a Lawn mower purchased by mail and in particular, on the Internet, customer service must direct you to a repairer approved by the brand.

For some confidential brands of mowers, the authorized repairer may be very far from your home, in this case, always ask the seller to cover the shipping costs from the repairer or better a home pickup.

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