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Which trash can should I choose for my kitchen?

Whether or not you are a waste sorter, you need a trash can in your home. Where to put them? How to choose them? We tell you everything.

Manual? Pedal? Automatic? The choices for trash cans are no longer as limited as they used to be. Today you can have a bin that is not only solid but also pretty. Because yes, the trash cans are also a decorative accessory that comes in a multitude of formats and colors.

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Choose your trash can according to your needs

As with all other furniture and household gadgets, the kitchen trash needs its space. First of all, because we store for a few days of packaging, peelings, and other perishable goods. And it doesn’t always smell very good.

We must, therefore, find the ideal location so that it does not hinder passage or smell. trash cans kitchen. The size of your trash can, therefore, depends on the space you have. If your kitchen is small, so will your trash.

If your floor space is reduced, there are models (a little less common certainly) of built-in trash cans to slide in a piece of furniture. The number of people who use it will also determine its capacity. A 10 to 30-litre trash can perfectly suit a single person or a couple.

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What type of trash can you choose for your kitchen?

Also for reasons of space but also hygiene, you can select different types of garbage cans. The most classic is the manual bin. To operate with your fingertips, there is also the “push” bin that has a small button on the top.

To avoid touching the edges of this receptacle with your hands, there is the pedal format that you engage with your foot and the automatic bin that has infrared sensors.

What separates these models? The price, From 8 Dollars for a manual bin to over 570 Dollars for an automatic one. trash can kitchen. The material of the bin can be a guarantee of solidity. The most common are plastic and stainless steel, which are easy to clean and maintain over several years.

The aesthetic aspect can also play a role and influence the choice of the trash can. Since they come in many shapes, sizes and colours, it’s up to you to decide if you prefer a pink cylinder or a green cube in your kitchen.

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What about sorting in all of this?

Space is sorely lacking in the kitchen when it comes to managing to sort. In his house, no green or yellow trash can distinguish the things that we throw away. Brabantia brand has developed several technologies for sorting waste.

Its Touch Bin, which offers two removable interior containers to allow sorting without having to decentralize. Its new Sort & Go bin is equipped with a handle that makes it easier to transport and empty it directly in the bin room.

These are small 25 litre receptacles that you can buy in pairs or 3, in different colours and line them up in a corner of your kitchen. trash can kitchen. One for food, one for plastic and one for paper. To optimize sorting, it is best to start directly at home to facilitate transport to the trash room where you will only have to throw each bag in its compartment.

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