unplug appliances save electricity bill

Unplug These Appliances That Hike Up Your Electricity Bill

Which appliances should be unplugged to save energy?

The announced increase in electricity prices and the desire to preserve the environment have one thing in common: the desire to reduce our energy consumption to spend less and pollute less. The right reflex? Choose the right devices to unplug for a concrete result! unplug appliances save electricity bill

Summary :

1 / The internet box

At the top of the devices to disconnect to save, the box. She makes herself very small in her care, and we forget that she is on… day and night. Used or not, the internet box consumes electricity, and in most cases, is useless at night.

2 / Phones in charge

unplug appliances save electricity bill

The most common reflex? Charge cell phones overnight, since charging stops automatically once the battery is full. unplug appliances save electricity bill. Bad pick: all night, with each tiny percentage of battery that escapes from the smartphone in standby, the charger relaunches an electrical impulse . We load, then we unplug

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3 / The fixed computer

Yes, it is on standby. Yes, it still consumes electricity. Among the devices to unplug to save energy, the computer is at the top of the list. And in this case, when we say unplug, we mean shutting down the computer instead of leaving it on standby .

4 / The laptop

unplug appliances save electricity bill

Same story for the laptop! Although it consumes much less than a desktop computer, it also continues to use electricity when it is on standby. unplug appliances save electricity bill. Moral of the story ? You unplug it as soon as it’s full, and if you want to preserve the battery, you turn it off when you’re not using it.

5 / Connected bulbs

They are trendy, practical and fun. The problem? A connected bulb is connected… permanently. To limit the transmission of data which consumes electricity , unplug the lamps or turn off the real switches as soon as possible.

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6 / Television

Not only does the TV consume electricity when it is not on standby, but it does not always have a switch to actually turn it off. The good idea? Sockets controlled by a remote control to disconnect the device… without having to unplug it.

7 / The DVD player

As always, appearances are deceiving: a DVD player that seems off rarely is. It is on standby, and who says standby says power consumption . Ordered sockets, remember: a single power strip is enough for the TV and the DVD player! unplug appliances save electricity bill

8 / The coffee machine

unplug appliances save electricity bill

A new staple in the home, the coffee machine usually stays on standby, ready to serve up a steaming cup in the blink of an eye. But we repeat ourselves, who says standby says power consumption… And this time, no need to unplug the device, most coffee makers have on-off buttons. unplug appliances save electricity bill

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9 / The hi-fi system

Another device that goes to sleep and seems off while it continues to consume … another device to unplug, then! Once again, the controlled socket solution saves both electricity and effort.

10 / The wifi printer

The wifi printer

How practical, the wireless printer that prints in one click. But like connected light bulbs, it remains on standby, transmitting data while waiting for a sheet to be printed. Balance sheet? Outside working hours, unplug it or turn it off .

11 / The microwave

In the series of appliances to be unplugged in the kitchen, who has the reflex to unplug the microwave? Not many people, and yet… if it displays the time, it’s good that it’s not turned off, so it’s consuming. Up to you.

12 / Kitchen appliances

unplug appliances save electricity bill

No, the microwave is not the only appliance to unplug to lower the energy bill. The kettle, toaster and food processor are also on standby as long as they are plugged in, consuming minute amounts of electricity which add up. Electrical outlet ordered, thank you.


What’s clear is that the desire to save energy and money is a shared goal. So, if you want to achieve these objectives, it makes good sense to unplug your devices when they aren’t in use. After all, the devices included in this list represent a number of household products that most people use daily. For instance, you likely have multiple computers around your house for either work or school. They can easily go into standby mode after hours of usage, and you can still use them to access files when needed the next day. The same goes for other entertainment devices, such as gaming consoles. It all adds up quickly!

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