Easy Food Storage Tips

These Tips And Tricks For Storing Our Favorite Foods Will Make Life Much Easier

Turn your dairy containers upside-down


We throw a lot of half-used tubs of sour cream and cottage cheese away, but we don’t have to. Here’s an easy way to keep our sour cream and cottage cheese fresh for longer periods of time: Turn the tub upside down! This creates a vacuum inside the container which reduces bacteria growth and keeps our food from quickly going bad.

Regrow your scallions in a Mason jar


Scallions are a tasty addition to many recipes. Unfortunately, they don’t last long. They’ll start wilting before we’ve completed cooking all of our intended recipes. However, we can re-grow our scallions rather than throw them away. We can use onions’ rooty bottoms. All we have to do is place a few inches below the soil level in a Mason jar half-filled with cool tap water and watch them grow back. For easy access, we should keep it in our kitchen window.

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