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7 easy decorating tips for a stress-free home

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The decoration of a house has a direct link with the well-being of its residents. It is therefore important to ensure that our decoration reflects a healthy and stress-free state of mind. DECORATING TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE HOME


Here are 7 easy-to-apply decorating tips for a stress-free home:

1. The colors of the room

There is no wrong choice of colours for a house. On the other hand, we must be aware that certain colours can tint our mood. Ideally, in a bedroom, we avoid a colour like red, for example, and we opt for something softer like blue, green, pink or beige.

One thing, think of colours that represent nature and your sleep will thank you.

2. Nature inside

Not surprisingly, having plants inside the house is a great way to reduce stress while decorating. Also, remember to hang a mirror so you can see the outside no matter where you are in the room.

3. Clean rooms

Take the time to sort through your bookcases, cupboards, storage baskets, drawers, etc. After this major cleaning, you may be able to dispose of some furniture or decor elements that will no longer be necessary.

The more the rooms are purified, the less you will have the impression of living in a disorder as much physical as mental.

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4. The grounds

It is all very well to purify decor, but it also has to represent us and brighten up our days. This is why you can add some decorative items with patterns. Tropical, floral, geometric, whatever it is, choose the one that you prefer and that represents you.

5. Lighting

In terms of lighting, think of creating atmospheres. For example, a floor lamp that diffuses light well will be useful in the living room in the evening when you are watching TV or reading a book. Same principle for in the bedroom with bedside table lamps. For the other rooms, it may also be worth it to install dimmers to have control over the intensity.

6. Good smells

For maximum well-being in your home, get candles or an essential oil diffuser. Think about the state of mind you are in when you are at the spa and try to recreate everything at home with smells like eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, rosewood, etc.

There are diffusers of essential oils so beautiful that blend perfectly with the decor. You can also hang a branch of eucalyptus in your bathroom for maximum relaxation when you shower.

7. Materials and textures

Sometimes only a nice blanket of wool to wrap in or a soft carpet to hide a cold floor in winter is necessary to help your well-being in the house and reduce stress.

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