Save Square Meters

5 Planning Tips to Save Square Meters

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Save Square Meters: Gaining a few square meters by being clever and ingenious, and without necessarily embarking on expensive work, is precious. Especially when the family grows or lifestyles change. Some advice to apply without delay to optimize your space.

Because each m² is worth gold, especially in big cities, optimizing its space is essential. A corridor without storage can for example be a lost space. The trick is to optimize every corner of his apartment, or his house, in order to have the feeling of gaining precious square meters, without breaking the bank!

Take advantage of every corner

Optimizing the space of your home does not mean spending a lot of money. A few quick adjustments, a little sorting and elbow grease will do the trick. However, nothing prevents you from contacting professionals, interior designers or decorators, to recover good ideas and/or carry out work.

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Create and transform your home

Create a closet or, better, shelves above doors or windows, and use the storage walls up to the ceiling. This is where you Casarez all useful items, certainly, but of limited use: clothing and quilts winter (or summer), suitcases, pots (empty!) Jam … C ‘ is practical and often more harmonious than cupboards or bookcases that stop 70 centimetres from the ceiling.

Transform the potential dust nests that are the spaces around the stairs into shelves, bookcases, office space and cupboards that you will forget by painting them the same color as the steps.

The same goes for the attics ready to accommodate a bed, a bathtub or cupboards, and for the corners, perfect for small corner pieces of furniture in bathrooms or kitchens.

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Take up the lost space in the corridors

These lend themselves to shallow storage, which has the advantage of making visible in the blink of an eye everything that has been stored there.

Unless they are very wide – too much? – in which case, one can imagine installing mini-kitchens while lengthy but ultimately comfortable and practical.

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Choose smart furniture

Beds, headboards, coffee tables and sofas can be transformed into toy chests, pillows, duvets, magazines, bottles, dishes…

Still, in terms of furniture, some are retractable: the beds, of course, but also the tables which can be pull-out, which lengthen on demand (flaps or extensions) or take out kitchen furniture in the form of pulls… A bed can be slipped under a child’s bed or come to be superimposed. save square meters. As for the wardrobes that nibble on the floor space, replace them with wall hooks and coat racks.

You can also create new spaces by installing a podium that houses storage space, for example in the dining area of ​​a large living room.

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Eliminate the clutter

The disorder and the overflow of useless reduce the parts so much! After sorting and emptying your cabinets to give away what you no longer use, you will feel lighter and give air back to your spaces.

The Marie Kondo method

This is also the method of Marie Kondo, a storage specialist who hosts a program broadcast on Netflix. His advice? Compartmentalize and sort so as not to clutter up what is superfluous.

Because tidying up in your drawers costs nothing and can save you a lot of space!

Choose sliding doors

They save 1 square meter – in a small area, it’s huge – and are particularly suitable for bathrooms and closet walls. And for your cabinet doors, consider incorporating storage inside. For example to store your jewellery or scarves.

The “bonus” board

You can also give an impression of space by playing with colours and decoration. Adding mirrors will give depth to a room, for example. Choosing furniture that is proportionate to the size of each room is also a tip for finding space. Exit the big wardrobe that takes up all the space in the living room.

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