How to keep a house tidy

How to Keep a House Tidy: 5 Tips that Work Like Magic

Tips to Keep Your House Clean: Who doesn’t dream of living in a perfectly tidy house? Be careful, we are not talking about empty and cold interiors as we can sometimes see in magazines; but many places full of life, where the order is the keyword.

How is it possible? By easily implementing these 5 little tips. You will see, it will change your life!

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy

Sort regularly

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy: And when we say “regularly”, we can translate it by “as often as possible”! According to the queen of storage Marie Kondo, any storage phase must begin with a decluttering. That’s right: how do you keep your house tidy if just seeing the condition of a room makes you feel discouraged?

Between the magazines that pile up, the socks alone, the eight cushions that take up all the space on the sofa … Think about eliminating anything that is more annoying than anything else.

Our solution: whenever an object finds neither its place nor its usefulness in your home, put it aside and forget about it for a while. When you land on it, ask yourself if it is really worth keeping (or not!).

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Consume less

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy: Our company constantly pushes us towards consumption, in particular by releasing several collections per season. And even if the little pleasures of life are pleasant from time to time, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions.

Do you really need this umpteenth vase, just because it’s pretty and cheap? Ask yourself this question every time you are hesitant to buy something.

If it really is a crush, try to impose a simple rule on yourself: this new part will replace an old one, which will have to be thrown away, given or resold depending on its condition. This allows us to make a certain rotation in our decoration, without ending up with an overloaded interior.

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A place for everything and everything in its place

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy: To keep your house tidy, you must above all make it functional. Have you separated from a lot of business? Perfect. But now you’re going to have to find a place for everything you choose to keep. This phase is not easy because it can quickly be discouraging.

It’s not just about putting everything in its place; but above all, to define WHAT will be its place. A small example: at home, I use a lot of hand cream. As a result, I had several tubes lying around. Well, instead of just seeing them “everywhere”, I assigned them places in different rooms of the house.

So, I have a tube with my cosmetics in the bathroom; another in a storage compartment in the living room and a last in my bedside table. When I feel like creaming my hands, I go to the nearest room, I spread my bread, and I put my tube directly in its place. And in addition, I do not mislead them anymore!

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Stop procrastination

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy: We’re all a bit of a procrastinator, that is to say, that we all like, at different scales, postpone to the next day what can be done the same day. However, postponing action until later will not eliminate it …

They say it takes 21 days to change or develop a habit. So take each time you say to yourself “I’ll do it later”, replace it with “come on, I’m motivated, it’s painful to do right away but afterwards, I’ll be satisfied with it to be rid of. You will see that over the days, some tasks will be done quickly, and without a hitch!

Be flexible!

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy: And this last point is essential because it is thanks to it that you will be able to stay the course! If you are too strict with yourself and those around you, you will quickly give up your resolve. Give yourself a little flexibility, just enough to keep all your goodwill!

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Tips to Keep Your House Tidy
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Tips to Keep Your House Tidy
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Tips to Keep Your House Tidy

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