Introduce Children to Garden

5 Ideas to Introduce Children to Gardening during the Summer Holidays

How about taking advantage of the summer to garden with the children?

Are the little ones on vacation and the weather is good? Now is the perfect time to introduce children to gardening. We take out the hoes and clogs, we keep them away from fragile plants and we let them put their hands in the soil to discover together the pleasure of gardening as a family!

Introduce Children to Gardening

1. Introduce children to gardening through the senses

Introduce children to gardening through the senses
Introduce Children to Gardening

For the youngest, learning necessarily goes through the senses, whether it is touching, smelling, or hearing. We plan to launch a washing machine after the session, therefore, but we let the little ones have fun with the earth!

To introduce children to gardening, it is better to confine them to simple tasks, but tactile … In all cases, we avoid big speeches and we stick to playful anecdotes, children learn more by practice than by theory.

They are invited as soon as possible to touch a root or a leaf, to smell the flowers, or to locate the birds to mobilize their senses.

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2. Tell stories to introduce children to gardening

Tell stories to introduce children to gardening
Introduce Children to Gardening

Attention, to explain, it will be necessary to adapt the speech to the age of the budding gardeners. But children like to understand, and a suitable explanation makes sense while arousing curiosity. The right method? We start with the basics, remaining very concrete, to explain how a plant lives.

We are talking about the roots, why the plant needs water to drink, and nutrients from the earth to eat. For older children, we can talk about seasons or germination.

And above all, we illustrate everything by showing them the roots and plants in question in the situation, in the garden or on the balcony, to avoid losing their attention!

3. Introduce children to gardening through play!

Introduce Children to Gardening

As is often the case with children, the secret to learning lies in play: to introduce children to gardening, there is no question of nagging them or flooding them with instructions.

As we have said, it is better to stick to simple tasks that they can complete quickly and which will give them the pride of a job accomplished! To make the exercise even more fun, we don’t hesitate to equip them like real little gardeners, with tools to their size, easier to handle and above all, without danger.

Even better? We slip the notion of play everywhere, by inventing stories, giving names to plants, making labels for the vegetable garden, or decorating flower pots.

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4. Manage the difficulty in introducing children to gardening

Introduce Children to Gardening

No need to say that waiting months to see a shoot come out of the earth requires patience that the little ones do not have. When it comes to introducing children to gardening, the choice of activity is essential, as well as the choice of crops: they must be able to complete their task quickly, and if possible, see the results in concrete terms.

The top? Water, dig holes to plant something or sow seeds. And to keep them interested in gardening over time, it is better to opt for short, but regular family sessions, rather than impose a whole day in the flower beds.

The right measure? They are given missions that are easy to complete in less than 15 minutes, and they are not retained for more than an hour before six or seven years.

5. Introduce children to gardening with the vegetable patch

Introduce children to gardening with the vegetable patch

The advantage of the vegetable garden? The results are concrete, visible, relatively quick, and above all, they end up on the plate.

Teaching them how to cultivate a vegetable garden not only introduces children to gardening, but also helps them understand seasonality, and even make them like vegetables: few gardeners do not take pleasure in harvesting what they want. sowed, then to cook it and taste it.

In this case, on the other hand, we opt for productive and rapid plantings. The champions? Strawberries and cherry tomatoes. To make them want to get involved, we can even entrust them with their own vegetable patch or assign each person the responsibility for a variety of fruit or vegetable!

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