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Brighten up your Interior for Christmas

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A House that shines with 1000 Lights for the End of the Year Celebrations

Interior for Christmas: We all look forward to it every year: the return of the magnificent Christmas garlands that make the city sparkle and warm our hearts. At home, too, we happily bring in the magic of Christmas lights! LED garlands, lanterns, or light branches: the Sociopup editor tells you how to illuminate your interior during the holidays with delicacy and poetry.

The soft sparkle of Christmas garlands

Interior for Christmas: The first idea that comes to mind when you think of how to illuminate your interior for Christmas, are of course the fairy lights, which bring into the home the warmth that we lack outside. Regarding the location of the fairy lights, you have different possibilities:

  • On the traditional Christmas tree to begin with, which can, according to your wishes, be adorned with pretty bright clothes, sometimes flashing, sometimes shiny. A must for the end of the year celebrations!
  • At Christmas, windows also like to show off the holiday light… especially with elegant light curtains that provide a cascade of small lights throughout the house.
  • It will be a few years since Christmas, the light garland also likes to wind along the feet of the lampposts, around the ramps, even around a large vase or an imposing decorative piece… for a warm atmosphere. and original.

Warm white or yellow version for lovers of gold or cold white for those who prefer polar atmospheres, LEDs are ideal for illuminating the living room of your home sweet home because they consume little, last for years, and exist in very many colors. Do not hesitate to combine two garlands of different colors or to play on the lighting functions to change and energize your decoration.

Interior for Christmas

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The warmth of the essential candles

Interior for Christmas: Whether they shine in windows, on a festive table, or in the heart of an old fireplace (a great idea to decorate an out-of-service fireplace!), Candles are perfect for lighting up the house during the Christmas holidays.

In addition, for this generous and friendly period of the year, we can allow ourselves all the daring: accumulation of votives for an XXL light decoration, scented candles with spicy or woody Christmas scents to create a magnificent olfactory atmosphere, small slipped candles in candle holders in Christmas colors or vintage lanterns, large candles beautifully staged in decorative candlesticks… indulge yourself.

Lit at nightfall, the candles provide natural, subdued light and help create a warm atmosphere. Everything we love at Christmas!

Interior for Christmas

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Poetic and original lighting

Interior for Christmas: If you want something new and bring light other than with candles or garlands, it is possible! Say goodbye to the endless Christmas tree garlands and candles in the windows: why not change things up a bit and highlight the living room furniture?

To do this, think for example of the light decorations imitating the branches which always have their small effect placed in a vase. You can also slip a thin electric garland into a large jar or demijohn, for very original and tailor-made lighting.

Without forgetting the fanciful variations of the garlands, with roses, fir trees, animals, or snowflakes, to change the classic visible light bulbs! It’s impossible to miss out on festive lighting when Christmas arrives. Mix the softness of the candle flame with the modernity of LEDs to make your interior a warm and bright cocoon!

Interior for Christmas

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