Design Trends for 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Hi Guys, Finally Our Top 10 2020 Interior Design Trends are here. This Year we have Trends, Not so new Trends and Trends that made a comeback. 
Stay Till the end and share with me in the comment Section which Interior Design of 2020 is your Favourite one?

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1. Vertical Gardens.

Natural Green has been a huge trend in design for the last year! The news is the rise for people looking for floor-to-ceiling Green Decor. The interior gardens cannot be missed as decoration as they offer spaces of relaxation and tranquillity (Being Calm).

You can combine it with wooden textures, mirrors or other materials that provide contrast. They are perfect to add shape, texture and add a pop of colour into space.

Be Creative!
Include Vertical Gardens in the living room, Dining Room or even in the bathrooms.

2. Black is a New Neutral.

The colour Black has been a favourite for in recent years and will remain for an indefinite time. It brings DRAMA and strength to a room which is an inherent characteristic of contemporary spaces!

From cabin to sinks, paint and countertops, Black will be one of the TOP TRENDS in 2020.

If you are afraid of using dark colours in your interiors you can fix that problem by including high contrasting colours like white, Specially because BLACK and WHITE are going to be the favourite couple in 2020.

3. Humble materials & Craftsmanship.

Materials, perceived as humble like rattan, plywood, jute, sisal, hemp and terracotta will be used more than ever in 2020!
Rediscovery of traditions and craftsmanship with a Contemporary Reinterpretation. 


The Wabi-sabi Trend and the use of natural use of materials are still my favorites to add warmth to any space.

4. 3D Wall Coverings.

3-D tiles wouldn’t be only for bathrooms anymore, in 2020 this trend will expand into other areas of the home. Textured wall panels add a tactile element to any space without making a grandiose statement!

Contemporary Texture

Add Texture into any space through 3d tiles, concrete tiles, PVC Panels, wooden panels or any materials that serve better for you and your needs.

5. Classic Blue by pantone.

Classic Blue is the colour of the year! 
Timeless and enduring blue hue!
Imprinted in our psyches as a restful colour, classic blue brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit, offering refuge. It’s Elegant in its simplicity.
Blue is perfect to combine with warm textures and metals like golden accents or natural wooden elements.

6. Marble.

Marble has always been a noble material. 
With its striking veins and endless color and pattern choices that brings sophistication and glamour
This year MARBLE will be present everywhere!
Whether a small vase, table or a whole marble wall, it will add impact and timelessness to your interior.

7. Curves + Organic Shapes

Interior Design trends for 2020 come in different shapes and sizes and curves is one of them. They have been seen throughout the year in furniture, reviving the 80’s curves
But now you expect to see it everywhere, from architectural arcs, mirrors, bathtubs and, of course, it will remain trending for sofas and armchairs.

Curved Line elements are excellent to break up the rigidity of any space because it will act as an unexpected element that will add interest and an unconventional shape to your space.

8. Biophilia Design Concept

What is Biophilia? 

Biophilia is a “Love of life or living systems”.
Biophilic interiors are spaces that reconnect with us with nature.  A Biophilic Design is more than just bringing the outside in. It’s about making and strengthening a connection with many aspects of Nature.
It’s about natural lighting, Views on nature, plants, Living walls, natural materials, textures and patterns with a natural motive that will provide a positive impact on our mind and soul.
Designs that connect us to nature are proven to inspire us, boost our productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of well-being.

Biophilic Designs can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing.

9. Velvet and Corduroy

Velvet will continue to reign in 2020.
This year you could go for Corduroy to add another texture!
Both Velvet and corduroy are an easy way to add opulence, Elegance and Sophistication to any space!

Velvet and corduroy can be introduced anywhere in your home!
Use it in ottoman’s, curtains, furniture, pillows, rugs, armchairs and more.

10. Matte Finishes

There is something about a smooth matte finish that brings a sense of clean, sophistication and relaxation to space.
The simplicity of the surface allows the colour and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials.

The Matte finish is a favourite to be incorporated in any space! 
Use Matte finish on bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, handles, countertops, furniture, vases or any accessory.
A matte finish Brings sophistication not always found with other surface textures.

Don’t Forget To Share your Thoughts in the comment below Which Interior Design Trends of 2020  is your favourite one.

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