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How to make a small space look bigger: 15 Pro Tips

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: If it is impossible to push the walls of your house when you lack space, give a feeling of space in a small room, it is doable. Interior decorators and architect reveal their best tips to us.

It’s not easy to have the space you need in a small space. Fortunately, there are tricks to give an impression of grandeur to your interior.

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To save space, opt for the storage space savings and the appliances malignant. Also, think of simple little tricks like favoring a decoration in light tones, think of sliding doors, or even play with perspectives.

Nothing can enlarge your room, discover without further ado the advice of the pros.


First of all, relieve the bookcases of their trinkets, eliminate the piles of newspapers which stagnate on the chairs, clear the corners, reduce the piles, in short, make the vacuum. No doubt, small spaces don’t like clutter. So don’t leave anything lying around!

15 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

1. To gain volume: draw attention to a decorative object

Add decorative objects which helps in making a small room look bigger - How to make a small room look bigger

Ultra decorative pendant lights, a coloured wall section, a giant sticker … Make a diversion! Attracted by a decorative bias, the gaze does not focus on the lack of volume of the room.

2. Wallpaper to add depth to a room

Adding wallpaper helps in making a small room look bigger - How to make a small room look bigger

In a rectangular and narrow room, bring an impression of width and depth by placing an XXL pattern wallpaper or an original colour on the narrowest wall while the others will be left in white.

3. Clear soil, a good option for enlarging a room

add a rug for enlarging a room - How to make a small room look bigger

Do not neglect the ground, it also participates in the perception that we have of space. Prefer them clear or add white or greige carpets.

They have the advantage of reflecting light and focusing the gaze on a specific point of space, Which also helps in making a small room look bigger.

4. More space thanks to glass partitions

make glass partitions in room -  - How to make a small room look bigger

Opt for glass-like glass partitions to paint in white rather than black to better blend with the walls and increase the effect of transparency.

An excellent solution to bring light into a blind area, to separate a kitchen from a living room, an office area from a corridor.

5. Opt for mirror furniture

add mirror furniture to give depth to spaces

Multiply the mirrors. However, be careful not to cover an entire wall with glass: the disorder of the room will be reflected and multiplied. A good option: mirror furniture that gives depth to spaces.

6. Choose low furniture

prefer low furniture they take a lot of space - How to make a small room look bigger

Prefer low furniture, sideboards, sideboards, sofas and even bookcases or shelves they take a lot of space which we don’t want, we want a small room to look bigger, not smaller.

So not only will you create a cocoon effect, but you will avoid blocking the gaze. You will install an impression of lightness and fluidity.

7. Frames on one wall to enlarge the space

add frames on one wall - How to make a small room look bigger

Rather than scattering pictures or posters on all the walls or installing them in the window frame, group them on a single wall section.

The idea? Avoid the feeling of crowding and let the gaze circulate.

8. Bet on white to enlarge the space

use white furniture to make space look big - How to make a small room look bigger

Use white from floor to ceiling: the boundaries disappear; partitions, ceiling, and parquet merge into each other.

9. To save space: do not clutter too much furniture

do not use small but large amount of furniture - How to make a small room look bigger

Do not multiply small pieces of furniture that give the impression of clutter. Better a beautiful piece, even a large one.

Prefer seats without armrests and sleek wired structures so as not to saturate the space.

10. At home, choose the lightest colours

Choosing the light colour makes a small room look bigger

They give the impression of enlarging the volumes. To unify the decor, also favor light colours in the choice of furniture.

Then warm the atmosphere with cozy materials: wool cushions, thick rugs, etc.

11. Play with perspectives

do not mount the partitions to the ceiling - how to make a small room look bigger

To play with the perspectives and let the light circulate, do not mount the partitions to the ceiling, use small cleats for the plinths, prefer full height doors or a hanging bookcase, etc.

12. Brightness: essential to enlarge the space

essential to enlarge the space - how to make a small room look bigger

Even painted in bright, cheerful tones such as yellows, windows and door frames will attract less light than if painted white.

13. Smart storage for a larger space

Smart storage for a larger space

As soon as possible, integrate the storage in the structure of the room, prefer a dressing room all along the wall rather than a Norman wardrobe.

14. Between the ceiling and the wall, create a white drop

create a white drop - how to make a small room look bigger

If you do not have a good height under the ceiling, cheat by creating a white drop from the ceiling to the wall about 30 cm, that is to say, 10 cm more than a traditional cornice. The impression of height is then very clear.

15. Sliding doors: an asset to save space

use sliding doors to save space - how to make a small room look bigger

Prefer sliding doors, they allow partitioning without being constrained by the space required to open a door.

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