How to clean and maintain your barbecue?

Clean your barbecue at the beginning and end of the season! All our advice depending on the type of your device.

How to clean and maintain your barbecue? – We do not maintain our barbecue in the same way depending on the type of device we have. But the common point is a thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of the season. All our advice.

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How to clean and maintain a hard barbecue?

built-in barbecue is exposed to bad weather all year round. It will therefore be thoroughly cleaned using a brush and detergent (ecological, if possible) to remove as many traces of soot and various stains as possible on the chimney, the drain, the hat and the hearth. If the latter is made of refractory bricks, then use a special product. Regularly check for any cracks that need to be filled and on sunny days, spray your barbecue with a water jet from time to time. How to clean and maintain your barbecue.

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How to clean and maintain a charcoal barbecue?

As for mobile barbecues , they generally spend the winter under cover. This does not prevent it from being repaired before using them for the first time on sunny days. Clean both inside and outside with lukewarm clear water, this is often enough. If any residue remains, you can use a drizzle of dish soap. Avoid using a hard sponge to avoid scratching the surfaces. Is the cleaning done? Perhaps you want to repaint your appliance to give it a newer look or change its colour… In this case, do not paint the inside of the barbecue or the accessories. And wait two whole days before grilling for the first time. How to clean and maintain your barbecue.

Please note: Remember to remove all charcoal from your barbecue after each use. If you leave the charcoal in the barbecue, it may oxidize more quickly and clog the ventilation system of your appliance in the short term, and thus hinder the circulation of air. Ouch!

How to clean and maintain an electric barbecue?

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Start by unplugging your appliance so that the gas supply is cut off! If you have just cooked grills, allow your barbecue to cool well before cleaning it. Use a regular dish brush, water with a mild detergent and a lint-free cloth for finishing. Above all, do not use steel wool or a scraper to scrub your device, they may scratch its surface! How to clean and maintain your barbecue.

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How to maintain and clean a gas barbecue?

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If you have a gas barbecue , focus first, before its first use of the season, on the condition of the burners and pipes, checking that there are no leaks. Change the lava and ceramic stones every three years. Disassemble the parts and wash them in soapy water, except for the thermometer, which you will only wipe with a damp cloth. Repeat the complete cleaning of the barbecue several times during the season. How to clean and maintain your barbecue.

A few tips for all barbecues: Clean the grills and accessories after each use. Let them soak in soapy water, they will be easier to clean. For encrusted grease residue , use a special oven or barbecue product and scrub with a brush. Finally, only empty the ashtray of your barbecue 24 hours after grilling, because the embers can remain active during this time. Finally, remember to replace rusty or defective parts as you go.

How to maintain and clean the grill of a barbecue?

Grandma ‘s tricks are unparalleled for cleaning the barbecue grill  in an ecological and healthy way! Among the most effective remedies for eliminating fat are:

  • Baking soda : Take a bowl and place the barbecue grill in it. Sprinkle generously with baking soda, then add water (just enough to cover the grate). Rub the grid with a sponge and let it act for a few hours: the baking soda will attack the most stubborn grease! You can then remove them easily.
  • Cola : Pour cola into a basin until it completely covers the grid . Let it soak for several hours: the carbon dioxide and the other acids contained in the cola will attack the encrusted dirt and dissolve it. Then simply rinse the grid.
  • Newspaper : Wrap your barbecue grill (cold!) in damp newspaper Leave to act for a few hours until the encrusted dirt is completely softened. Then rub your grill with a sponge and a little soapy water. 

Other tips? If you have a charcoal barbecue , take advantage of the ashes to clean the grill! Take an old cloth that you dampen and soak in the ashes. Rub the grid vigorously with the cloth, then rinse with clear water. How to clean and maintain your barbecue

If you use a  gas barbecue , you can heat the grill before cleaning it to facilitate its maintenance! Be careful, this trick only works if your barbecue is equipped with a lid. Leave the dirty grill in your barbecue, then heat your appliance to maximum power. The fat on the grill will come off by itself as it burns! How to clean and maintain your barbecue.

Finally, last bit of advice: Brush your grill with oil before cooking to make it easier to clean !

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