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How to choose a trampoline?

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To bounce back in good conditions

How to Choose a Trampoline: Just as fun as it is sporty, the trampoline promises hours of games and rebounds for children and parents alike. Accessible to all ages, this activity has the advantage of being able to be practised at home.

The key is to choose the right trampoline. Here is our advice on the matter.

The benefits of the trampoline

Investing in a trampoline is a great idea. Indeed, this activity is very beneficial, both for the body and for the mind. Bouncing improves breathing and strengthens muscles while providing an incomparable feeling of freedom and lightness to those who practice it.

In addition, trampolining is excellent for training endurance, especially if you alternate periods of jumps and rest. For everyone, the trampoline helps to position themselves well in space, to increase coordination, balance, self-control as well as concentration. It is finally an ideal way to have fun alone or with others in the garden.

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The size of the trampoline

You will find on the market trampolines of various sizes, ranging from small models to some much larger.

In order to choose a size that is right for you, you need to take two parameters into consideration: what use you intend your trampoline for and the dimensions of your garden. Indeed, if your trampoline is intended for only one person, you will prefer to opt for a modest size.

You will do the same for a small garden. Conversely, if several people are likely to bounce at the same time and you have enough space, your choice will then be a larger model.

The age of your children is also to be taken into account at this level: the size of the trampoline changes with the age of its users. Always make sure you save space around your trampoline and do not stick it against a wall or fence.

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The shape of the trampoline

How to Choose a Trampoline

The most common form of the trampoline is the round, very safe form. It has the particularity of always bringing the person who bounces back to the centre.

The oval trampoline has three jump zones and facilitates the rebound.

The rectangular and square shapes, acclaimed by professionals, are suitable for long, small or narrow gardens.

The octagonal shape e is very original but remains rare, which complicates the research in case of need for spare parts.

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The strength of the trampoline structure

A trampoline represents a certain investment and must, therefore, be able to last over time. To this are added the repeated rebounds which regularly stress the structure.

Care must, therefore, be taken to choose a model that is both stable and resistant. Regarding stability, you should check that the trampoline has sufficient and thick tubes.

Being subjected to all kinds of weather, the trampoline must, to withstand it, have benefited from an anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatment.

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Trampoline safety

How to Choose a Trampoline:

The first essential element for safe trampoline practice is the net. This makes it possible to retain the user in the event of a fall.

To ensure optimal safety, make sure that the net is positioned inside the trampoline, around the rebound area, and not outside, around the structure.

This aspect is all the more important if you are new to the practice of the trampoline or if children use it. Other elements of the trampoline help to ensure the safety of its users.

The protective foam must indeed be very thick to cushion falls, and the closure of the net must be of good quality. so that it does not open during jumps.

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The quality of the rebound

How to Choose a Trampoline:

As the trampoline is intended to rebound, the quality of the jumping surface is essential. To do this, check that your trampoline has many good quality springs, as well as the jumping area.

These were some of the tips that may have helped your question on How to Choose a Trampoline.

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