Tips from the Pros to change everything without moving

Home decor: Tips from the Pros to change everything without moving

Want to give your interior a facelift without breaking the walls? Professionals advise you for a real renewal without major works.


The luxury to sort efficiently? Offer the services of a storage coach. Sevan, a “home organizer” in Paris, has already helped around thirty families to optimize their space. The goal? Breathe, save time, and even save money! “We believe that we lack storage, but sometimes the problem comes from an overflow of objects,” says the expert. Her tips: assigning a function to each room (relaxation, work, etc.) and a place for each object, empty hot spots (the entrance console where trinkets are piled up), make choices, and, above all, change your habits of consumption. @ sevan.homeorganiser


An old wooden table, a sagging sofa, an outdated vase? We offer them a second life by drawing inspiration from the masters in upcycling. France Desbouis, from Up Up Up Studio, is re-upholstering old armchairs with scraps of fabric from the most beautiful houses. Arnold, from the Bazar d’Alger, offers workshops in gold painting on ceramics. Élisa Gallois invents “do it yourself” 100% recycled for children (cardboard stove, wooden doll’s house, library from crates) … Green and unique! @upupupstudio; @bazardalger; @etdieucrea.


“A pretty parquet, clean walls … It is the renovation that we reject the most, however, this is what sublimates the decoration. Little chance of getting bored of it! »Says Zoé de Las Cases, interior designer. We collect textiles for the cocooning touch (cushions, plaid, rugs) and we focus on the centerpiece, the living room table: “This is the place where we receive, where we eat, work … », Adds Zoe. Same opinion for Rebecca Benichou, founder of Batik Studio (the interior architecture and design agency behind the Amélie du Chalard gallery) who celebrates daring: “A made-to-measure table stands out. A surprising material, a colorful base… ”The right balance between the useful and the pleasant. @zoedelascases; @batiikstudio.


The plants improve air quality, but they also help to gain well-being and productivity. It remains to be seen which one to choose… Judith de Graaff, the co-author of “Plant Lovers” (ed. Eyrolles), cites Monstera deliciosa, Strelitzia Nicolai, XXL yucca, or calathea for a jungle effect. “Never neglect your planters, because nothing is more deceptive than a pretty plant in its plastic cultivation pot. “Romain Raffard, the co-founder of Bergamotte (which is launching its outdoor furniture), capitalizes on differentiating and easy-care plants:” Pachira and its braided trunk, calamondin and its colorful fruits, and, for the outdoors, Mexican orange, eucalyptus, and olive. »Cultivating your garden, not that complicated! @urbanjungleblog;


Pampering all of your senses is the key to changing the mood. Perfume, candles, or diffusion of essential oils * … Aude Maillard, doctor of pharmacy trained in aromatherapy, recommends citrus fruits to brighten the mind (orange, tangerine, lime), flowers to soften the nerves (geranium, chamomile, lavender) or conifers (hemlock) to let go and be inspired. How about we start here? @ amsoam. mon.aroma

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children under 6 years old.

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