Hide a Defect in the wall

7 Ideas for Hiding a Fault in a Wall

Tips for hiding a damaged wall

Hide a Defect in the wall: To hide a flaw in a wall, no need to embark on major work: sometimes, a few decor tips are enough to hide the imperfections. Holes, dents, stains, scratches or peeling paint, we’ve got you covered for any eventuality. With a decorative effect as a bonus!

Hide a flaw in the wall
Hide a Defect in the wall

1. Place a frame in front of a damaged wall

It is the easiest and fastest solution to hide a fault in a wall. Hole, stain or damaged paint, hang a pretty frame in front, voila! You just have to adapt the size of the frame to the size of the defect, and the trick works great as long as the defect is not located just above the ground.

The default is XXL? We replace the frame with a large mirror or a carpet to hang!


2. Hide a defect in a wall with a strip of wallpaper

The bottom of the wall is damaged? Impossible to hang a painting, we will have to be cunning. With a strip or scraps of wallpaper used as an accent wall, we combine a practical trick and a decorative idea!

Be careful, if it is a question of hiding a raised defect in a hole or bump-type wall, the solution has its limits: it will be necessary to choose a very thick wallpaper and sand or fill in beforehand.

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3. Place a pretty bookcase to hide a flaw in a wall

Yes, it’s cheating, but it works: to hide a flaw in a wall, you can also just put a piece of furniture in the right place. A beautiful bookcase always has its small effect, and its height has the merit of being able to hide a large surface of the wall.

But nothing prevents choosing a sideboard, moving a bedside table or propping up a simple shelf, as long as the format and look of the cabinet fit the location of the fault.

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4. Hide a defect in a wall with stickers

Easier to hang than wallpaper, the sticker exists in all shapes and styles. Flower, animal, or graphic pattern, we choose it according to the decoration of the room and the size of the defect to hide on the wall!

Be careful though, the stickers are generally thin. We reserve the trick for stains, not holes, and if the stain in question is dark, we opt for a dark sticker on pain of guessing it in transparency.

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5. Lay cork to hide a defect in a wall

When a whole portion of the partition looks gray, wall decoration is no longer enough. We go to the magic coating, thick enough to hide a flaw in a wall, even very damaged!

Cork is natural, ecological, trendy, easy to lay, and cut. Just stick the tiles on the wall, like wallpaper, but with a thickness that hides nasty flaws much better. And as a bonus, you can pin the shopping list or children’s drawings.

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6. Hide a defect in a wall with an accumulation

Is the wall in poor condition? If it is not a question of hiding a defect, but a series of defects, one thinks of the accumulation. Collection of old plates or juju hats, family portraits, staging of frames or mirrors, we decorate the wall like a gallery by organizing a hanging that can occupy the entire width or even the entire height.

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7. Dare to use adhesive strips to hide a defect in a wall

More expensive, but frankly stunning, adhesive paneling boards can be found in DIY stores, real wood version, or false PVC paneling. You just need to apply them to hide a defect in a wall, even extended, and in the process create a distinctly decorative accent wall.

Thick and resistant, PVC slats can even be installed in a damp room, directly on damaged tiles.

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