Crazy Funny Home Hacks

Here’s A Compilation Of Questionable Yet Useful Hacks Found On The Internet

Work on two projects at once

If you’ve ever found yourself watching TV instead of working on that project you’ve been putting off for months, then you already know that procrastination always messes up our ability to be productive. No matter how hard you try, you always end up delaying a deadline or putting off tasks until the last minute.


People who can’t avoid procrastinating are always looking for an effective way to stop postponing their projects, and @gwatsky has offered them a brilliant solution. If you work on two projects simultaneously, you can procrastinate by working on the second project when you get tired of the first one. This way, you trick yourself into thinking that you’re procrastinating when in reality you’re being twice as productive!

How to hang up the phone whenever you want

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to a friend over the phone, but they won’t stop talking? You try to politely get them off the phone, but they don’t listen. You may even be on the receiving end of a never-ending rant about something that’s bothering them.

If you know an introvert, you’re probably acquainted with the fact that they hate phone calls. The reason is quite simple: introverts hate awkward pauses and small talk. Besides, you never know who is behind the phone or how they’re reacting to what you say. However, there’s one hack that can help with these problems—and it’s easy to remember!


Some people may think telling someone that you’re running out of battery doesn’t work; however, we’ve found that it does! The person who calls you will undoubtedly consider keeping the conversation short because they don’t want to bother your battery life too much. Also, this little white lie allows you to hang up whenever you get tired of the conversation by simply saying “I’m running out of battery!” We’re sure that

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