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Thanks to the explosive growth of the so-called life hacks on the internet, we got used to seeing thousands of them on social media. There are many innovative tricks out there, and the truth is they can provide a simple solution to our problems when things get messy.

It only takes some imagination and a little creativity to develop a weird idea that can become viral. That’s the case of the questionable and bizarre life hacks you’ll see in the following list. We don’t know what we should call them, but you’ll be the one to decide whether they’re clever as hell or flat-out dumb. Even if they aren’t helpful at all, we’re sure they’ll make you laugh.

With this article, we want to show how useful some of these tips can be for people who like to live an organized lifestyle or for those who are just looking for something new to try out with their friends or family members. Some of them might sound crazy at first glance, but they can actually help you solve common problems around your home or office environment in a fast and easy way!

Send a wedding invite to rich people

Planning a wedding is a challenging task. However, there’s a benefit that stems from getting married: beautiful gifts that will help you furnish and decorate the house you’ll share with your spouse. To receive more presents, you must ensure that your guest list is long enough. But what should you do if you don’t know many people?


Twitter user @behindyourback has the answer to your problems. She says that a great way to receive more gifts is sending a wedding invite to every rich person whose address you can find online. Chances are you’ll receive a present even if the person you invited doesn’t attend your wedding. This hack will get you not only more gifts but also expensive branded things if you’re lucky enough.

You should send out invitations to as many people as possible because this strategy works best when it comes to receiving expensive branded items as gifts rather than just money or simple household items like kitchen pots and pans which are usually given away by relatives or friends who wish them good luck in life together as husband and wife (this is especially true if one of them has been married before).

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Last Update: June 10, 2022