Tips to Furnish your Kitchen

5 Tips To Properly Furnish your Kitchen

Fancy a central island to feel like in a real American kitchen? Furnishing this room is no small task. We explain how to optimize it.

We probably all dreamed of a large fitted kitchen as we could see on television in American series . But furnishing a kitchen takes a lot more time and thoroughness than turning a sofa to bring it into your new living room . Here is how to successfully arrange your kitchen so that it is good to live in and especially eat.


Budget your kitchen

Furnishing a kitchen is often expensive. Worktops, cupboards, household appliances can sometimes be very expensive. Prices often start around 5000 Dollars. It is therefore very important that you have an idea, or even a precise plan, of what you want your kitchen to look like before you start.

Evaluating your needs is better managing your wallet when purchasing essential parts and those on which you have cracked. Also, remember that the size of your kitchen will condition your choices, and the smaller it is, the less expensive the furniture will be (depending on what you select).


Think about the layout of your kitchen

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Kitchen Layout

If it is simple to visualize in a photo, it is sometimes less easy to visualize your future kitchen in front of an empty room. If you do not intend to call on specialists for custom-made furniture, it will be up to you to take real account of the space at your disposal.

This will be decisive in the choice of your furniture and the way you will arrange it. Slender kitchen space is not furnished like the small square of a Parisian apartment. It will be necessary to privilege the furniture in height there to save space.

Conversely, small spaces often only offer an angle, which makes it possible to opt for a bar installation and high stools. Furnish your kitchen. In either case, you can consider an open kitchen, but that’s without counting on the smells that will have no trouble seeping into every corner of your home. Furnish your kitchen

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Respect the dimensions

Remember to measure and define the desired locations of the furniture you are going to buy. Furniture that is too wide or too high will not fit or take up too much space. Which will obstruct the passage.

The ideal in your kitchen is still to have enough space to move around without getting caught in a corner of the closet. The basic indications are that a worktop should not be higher than 95 cm and that it takes 70 cm between you and the furniture (90 if it opens towards you).

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Choose materials that are easy to clean

The kitchen is the dirtiest place after the bathroom every day. By cooking good dishes in sauces and dishes with aromas that are not always delicate, we tend to paint the floor and the worktop with stains.

To avoid laborious cleaning, choose materials that are easy to wash. Laminate, in addition to being economical, lends itself well to exercise. Ditto for tempered glass, wood or granite which are easy to degrease. For messy reasons, we should avoid carpeting on the floor to favour parquet or tiling instead.

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Adapt storage and locations

Drawers are a must-have in a kitchen. Remember to select your furniture according to what you will have to store in your kitchen. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, let the Marie Kondo in you guide your choices in terms of storage spaces.

If you have room, let yourself be tempted by a buffet or a dresser to organize all your plates, mugs and other utensils. Also note that the best in a kitchen is that the location of storage, meal preparation and washing spaces (cupboards, hobs/oven and sink) form what is called the activity triangle. Furnish your kitchen. Since these are the three main axes of life in the kitchen, they must be united in a sufficiently narrow perimeter so that everything is within reach.

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