Apartment Decorating Tips: Many first-time apartment dwellers have a tough time decorating their apartments. The last thing they want is to spend money on expensive furniture and decorations, so they need to get creative! In this blog post, we will go over 10 ways you can spruce up your apartment for free or with minimal cost. You’ll see that being frugal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

Apartment Decorating Tips - Make Your First Apartment Look Elevated and Cozy

How to make the apartment look elevated and cozy?

Apartment Decorating Tips 01 – Use white or light colors throughout your apartment.

Apartment Decorating Tips 02 – Put up wall decals, posters, or paintings on bare walls instead of hanging pictures. This will save space for other items!

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Apartment Decorating Tips 03 – Add one large piece of artwork over the couch in lieu of lots of smaller pieces that would take up more room. You can simply print out some photos at home (or use ones you’ve taken) and frame them inexpensively using a color printer with photo paper and matte board from an art store like Blick’s. Make sure all the frames vary slightly so they don’t match perfectly – this is another great way to add personality without spending much money! If you want something even more budget-friendly, you can also use a poster board or foam core with fabric to create your own wall hangings.

Apartment Decorating Tips 04 – Avoid buying expensive furniture pieces that are large and take up a lot of space in apartment living areas. Instead, look for smaller items at thrift stores by checking out the discounted section online beforehand so you know what’s available before heading over there! This will save money while still giving your apartment some personality through design choices like patterned pillows on couches instead of larger accessories like rugs.

How to make the apartment look elevated and cozy? (cont.)

Apartment Decorating Tips 05 – Use inexpensive but attractive bedding sets; avoid pricey comforters because they’re not practical when it comes to washing them frequently. Also, pairing inexpensive but attractive bedding with more expensive white or cream pillows is another way to add personality without breaking the bank.

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Apartment Decorating Tips 06 – Choose apartment decorating ideas that can serve multiple purposes and therefore save space and money! For example, choose seating that can convert into a table when you need it for guests like ottomans with trays on top of them; this will allow your apartment living room to double as an apartment dining room if necessary while also saving time transitioning between different activities in one area.

Apartment Decorating Tips: 10 Tips to keep in Mind (cont.)

Apartment Decorating Tips 07 – If possible, avoid adding extra furniture pieces around the apartment. Instead, use floor cushions or beanbags for seating and add shelving units to apartment walls for books, storage containers, or display purposes. If you need more seating in your apartment living room where guests will sit down frequently (a couch is a necessary addition), simply use floor pillows on the ground instead of adding an additional sofa that takes up space!

Apartment Decorating Tips 08 – Put curtains over empty apartment windows rather than blinds. Curtains create dimension while also saving money since you won’t have to purchase expensive window treatments like shades or blinds; however if you want something different from the standard curtain look without breaking too much budget, choose roman shade curtains with fabric panels sewn together so they fold when open and close when drawn shut – this gives the appearance of separate panels but is less expensive than actual separate individual panels.

Apartment Decorating Tips: 10 Tips to keep in Mind (cont.)

Apartment Decorating Tips 09 – Use apartment decorating ideas that allow you to add personal touches without spending a lot of money! For example, using small art prints or photos in inexpensive poster frames instead of larger pieces gives your apartment living room more personality while still saving space in the process. If artwork isn’t for you, consider hanging up wall decals instead – these are also great apartment decorating ideas because they’re reusable if necessary but can be removed easily with no damage done to walls when it’s time to move out! They often come in larger sizes as well so they don’t take up much apartment living area space like smaller apartment decorating ideas might.

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Apartment Decorating Tips 10 – Consider apartment decorating with a rustic theme to give your apartment living room a cozy, homey feel! Wood floors or wood furniture can help achieve this look as well as adding small accessories like baskets and plants that have natural elements incorporated into their design. This apartment decoration idea is great for those on a budget since it doesn’t require expensive large pieces but looks much more high-end than thrift store purchases would by themselves – these apartment decorating tips will make any first apartment look elevated and cozy in no time!


If you need some inspiration before starting the process of apartment decorating yourself, check out magazines at grocery stores or even do an online search to find pictures of apartment living rooms that inspire you! These Apartment Decorating Tips will give you apartment decorating ideas by seeing how the pros do it and getting some apartment decoration inspiration at the same time.