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5 tips from a decorating expert to feel good at home

Passionate about Decoration, Here are 5 tips from a Decorating Expert to feel Good at Home

1. Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning - Feel Good at Home | Sociopup

“Start by cleaning up. Dust what you can never really do during the year. Remove what is unnecessary, repair, repaint what needs to be repainted. As spring arrives, it is time to bring order. ”


2. Sort and get rid of the superflu

“We take the opportunity to sort it out and throw out what is lying around. This allows you to feel lighter. And it feels great. Ditto for his wardrobe. Do you have to ask yourself if you need to keep so many coins? We lighten up to keep only the ones we really wear or the ones we love the most. And for everything we no longer want, we prepare a bag for Emmaus. ”

3. Reorganize your space

Recognize your space - Feel Good at Home | Sociopup

Change the carpet, the colour, move the furniture, change the seating, change the sofa? It already takes a little time but it allows you to rediscover your apartment, which I find great.


I have desires for change and new materials. Children can also participate. Again, this confinement educates us to see life differently, to take advantage of what we have, to be more creative.

4. Enjoy your cooking

Enjoy your Cooking - Feel Good at Home | Sociopup

“ During this confinement, we spend more time in the kitchen too. You have to dig your head so as not to get bored. For my part, I cook simple and pass pasta with pesto, homemade eggs-mayo, tomato-mozzarella-basil, and French toast in the morning with the brioches of the day before.

It’s also okay not to throw anything away. We try to cook with fresh products and then at 4 am I like to prepare homemade cookies like the Laura Todd recipe (very fatty but delicious cookie) and chocolate fondants. We will see at the end of confinement what we have managed to do best. ”

5. Indulge in fun activities

Indulge in Fun Activities - Feel Good at Home | Sociopup

At the end of the day, reading is a good option. I just finished the book Je Suis le Carnet by Dora Maar, which I recommend. Just like Life by David Hockney or Charlotte Perriand by Laure Adler. Otherwise, on film, I want to see all those of Paolo Sorrentino to travel to Italy (Le conseguenze dell’amore, Il Divo, Youth and la Grande Bellezza) and then also to see Call me by your name e l’Amore by Luca Guadagnino. These are films that inspire me a lot in pictures for The Socialite Family.


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