10 Simple Fall Decor Ideas To Remind You Of Summer


What’s the first sign that fall is coming? When you see the leaves change color, right? It’s hard to believe that winter has arrived when it suddenly feels so warm outside. But fall can be an exciting time of year with all the beautiful sights and scents around us. The weather is cooler and we’re craving comfort foods like soups and stews. And what better way than by decorating your home for this festive season? Fall decor ideas are simple to create at home with items found in almost any home store or online! Here are some ideas I’ve gathered:

Add a Plaid Scarf

Add a plaid scarf to your fall decor ideas.

Plaid scarves are perfect for fall and can be worn in so many ways. You can wear them with a sweater, jacket or even just a t-shirt. They add some color to the outfit and make you feel like you’re wearing something festive!

They also come in all different shades of reds, oranges, yellows and browns which gives them an extra pop of life when paired with other items that are already going on display in your room (like wall decorations). They work well as accessories because they add interest without being too loud about it like some other styles might be (like tie-dye).

Update Your Bedroom

There are so many ways to update your bedroom, and one of the best is by changing the bedding. If you want to add some color or pattern to your room, try changing out your sheets and comforter for something new. You can also try out different types of pillows to fit with your style and decorating theme. If you’re looking for something more practical, consider adding a throw blanket on top of your mattress—it’s an easy way to add warmth without having too many items cluttering up space in other parts of the room!

If curtains aren’t working well anymore (or need replacing), consider trying out new ones instead; it might even be fun enough for other family members who aren’t into crafting projects themselves! A great option would be finding some cute fabric with bold prints that matches perfectly with whatever else is going on around here right now.”

Freshen Flowers

You can freshen flowers by using a vase, basket or bowl. If you’re really fancy, consider using a pitcher or bucket as well.

You can also use an old tin can and fill it with water (or even just plain tap water). Place your flowers in the container for about 2 weeks until they start to wilt; then remove them from their containers and place them into another pot of soil that has been prepared ahead of time. The next day will be your first time seeing how well these newly planted plants grow!

The best time to plant your flowers is in the spring, but if you’re impatient like me, then feel free to plant them whenever the mood strikes.

Arrange Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a great way to bring fall decor into your home. You can use them as a centerpiece or scatter them around, but if you want to add some more of the season’s colors then consider adding leaves and gourds to your arrangement. If you have room for them, try putting one in a vase or on small plates.

-If you want to add some spooky elements to your Halloween table, try adding fake spiders and bats. They’re easy to find at any party store and will add a bit of fun to your table.

-Cobwebs are another great way to add a spooky touch without going too overboard. They’re easy to find at any party store and can be used as decorations or even as table runners. If you’re looking for something a little more natural, try using real leaves and stick them down with some glue or tacky stuff so they don’t fall off when people touch them.

-If you’re looking for something that’s a little more natural, try using real leaves and stick them down with some glue or tacky stuff so they don’t fall off when people touch them.

Put a Frame on It

Putting a frame on it can make a decorating project look more finished, but they’re not just for pictures. Frames can be made of wood, metal or plastic and range in size from 3×5 inches to 6×8 feet. They come in many different styles and materials so you’ll find something that suits your tastes.

You can paint or stain frames to match the room’s color scheme (or if you want them to blend into the décor). If you don’t have room for all that extra stuff storage space then hang them vertically instead! This will save floor space while still allowing light through since they’re hanging below eye level where most people spend most their time (and therefore looking at things). You could also place frames horizontally along an entire wall—this way guests won’t have any trouble seeing what’s inside them when entering into your home!

Add a Pop of Color

  • Use a bright color vase. Add some life to your decor by adding a bright-colored vase filled with fresh flowers on your coffee table. This will make you smile when you walk into the room!
  • Add colorful rugs to any space where there’s already some color in the room, like next to an accent chair or sofa table. If you want something bigger than most rugs are, consider purchasing one that can be moved around easily (like this one) so it doesn’t get ruined by traffic from other areas of the house!
  • Add colorful pillows on beds and couches—they’re perfect additions because they don’t take up too much space but add great pops of color without being overwhelming visually speaking.”

Try Bedding with a Pattern

There are so many different kinds of patterns out there that you can use in your bedroom. It’s important to find one that you like, but don’t go overboard with the pattern! It should be subtle and not too busy, or it could end up being distracting rather than adding beauty to the room. If you’re going for matchy-matchy bedding, consider using dark colors like black or gray instead of light ones such as white or cream so as not to clash with each other when viewed from afar (especially if they are both on top).

Add Softness to Your Kitchen Window

These are the items that can make your kitchen look more like a home than an office.

  • Throw blankets: Add a throw blanket to your chair and you’ll instantly feel like you’re sitting on the couch in your own living room. And when it gets cold out, no one wants to be cooped up inside all day!
  • Colorful pillows: A bright pillow will bring out the colors in your decor and make it pop even more than it already does. A patterned or neutral colored pillow also looks great when combined with other elements of decor—such as rugs or artwork—that are already attracting attention from passersby outside.
  • Bedding with a pattern: If you have any bedding at all, try adding some interesting patterns (whether geometric or abstract) to liven up the space around them! This can help draw attention away from less-interesting aspects of interior design such as furniture placement; instead focus on how well they complement each other while still remaining true to their own individual identity within this particular room.”

Add a Throw Blanket to Your Chair

Throw blankets are a great way to add color and texture to your home. They’re easy to use, and they can be used in many different spaces. You can use them on chairs, couches or beds!

The best part about throw blankets is that they come in all different shapes and sizes so they fit any type of decorating scheme you may have going on in your room. If you want something simple but still stylish, consider using one as a pillow throw on top of an ottoman or side table where there’s not much space available (but still want something nice).

Refresh Your Bathroom Towels

One of the easiest ways to refresh your bathroom is by adding new towels. You can change out your towels every few months, or even once a year if you want to keep things fresh. White towels are easier to clean than colored ones because they don’t have many spots that need attention and they’re easier on the skin (no-one wants rough towels).

When in doubt about what color of towel would be best for your space, use white!

Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decorating ideas are a great way to add a little color and warmth to your home. Whether you’re looking for fall décor that can be used year-round, or simply want some ideas on how you can use it now, we have plenty of inspiration here.

If you have any other questions about creating the perfect fall décor look in your home or office, feel free to reach out! We’re happy to help!


Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite fall decor ideas, we hope you’ll be inspired to inject some color and life into your space! Whether you want to add a fresh coat of paint on the walls or refresh your rug with a new pattern, there are plenty of ways that these simple tips will make any room look more cozy and inviting.

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