7 Effective Ways to Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet

Natural products to eradicate foul odors!

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: The toilets don’t always smell of roses, and yet we use them several times a week and have to entertain guests. To make your bathroom smell good, there are smart ideas and natural remedies that eliminate foul odors. So that your room breathes and that your guests have a good surprise by going to your bathroom to follow these tips. Seven tips to eliminate foul odors from the toilet

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Tip # 1: Strike a match in the toilet

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: It is an unstoppable grandmother’s method to remove lingering odors. All you need to do is strike a match in the room.

Thanks to the sulfur that will emerge from it, foul odors will fly away as if by magic because the sulfur and the resulting combustion destroy the odors in no time. A word of advice: always leave a box of matches in your toilet.

You can also drop the match in your toilet bowl. This is no problem, even when you have a septic tank.

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Tip # 2: Put a potpourri in the toilet

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: Potpourri is an excellent way to perfume your interior. If you place it in the toilet, it is best to put it near a heating source or radiator so that the heat diffuses more of the scent of flowers or dried citrus peels into the room. You can buy it in-store, or you can make it yourself.

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Tip # 3: Pour a drop of essential oil into the bowl

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: You can eliminate unpleasant odors using different natural essential oils, depending on the scents you prefer. It’s up to you to put a few drops at the bottom of your toilet bowl, pour it into a spray bottle with water or even put it on a pebble that you will place on a shelf, for example.

Tip # 4: Place a scented candle in the room

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: For perfume, your toilets continuously, opt for a scented candle. Turn it on if necessary, and don’t forget to turn it off after a few minutes of use or when you leave your apartment. If possible, choose a model that is the same color as your room.

Finally, you can also choose to always have a home fragrance on hand in the bathroom.

Scented candle

Tip # 5: Have a fragrant bouquet

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: Aromatic bouquets are often composed of a very decorative perfume vial, in which thin wooden sticks are installed.

They then continuously diffuse a light fragrance to avoid having bad smells. If your toilet is small, avoid overwhelming or intoxicating odors. Choose light scents and fresh as a cotton flower, linen, ylang-ylang, or even verbena.

These scented bouquets, in addition to their practicality, have become over time real decorative elements.

Tip # 6: Make your air freshener

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: Deodorants found in stores are essentially composed of synthetic, very chemical fragrances. When sprayed into the air, thousands of chemical particles invade the room.

The odors are certainly masked or destroyed, but you fill up with chemicals. You can then make your home deodorant, following grandmother’s recipes. It’s effortless to do!

You can create it in a gel format, easy to install in jars for having a good smell in this room all the time. For this, you will need to use edible gelatin as well as essential oils of your choice.

Air Freshener used to Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet

Tip # 7: Remember to clean your toilet tank

Eliminate Bad odors from the Toilet: Last tip that seems quite logical, but that we often forget: cleaning the toilet tank! The water in it can stagnate and generate mold, which creates terrible odors permanently in the room.

To get rid of odors and mold, do not put a bleach tablet in the tank. Choose cleaning with vinegar or baking soda, which cleans thoroughly without damaging the plumbing.

To get rid of mold, do not hesitate to use a long brush (toilet brush type) to scrub the affected areas.

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