difference between interior designer and decorator

What are the differences between the Interior designer and Interior Decorator?

Do you have any adjustments to make at home? Want to change the mood? Call on the right professional to help you: the interior designer to deeply rethink the space; the interior decorator to give character to your home.

What regulations for interior architects and interior decorators?

The trades of interior designer and interior decorator are not regulated trades, unlike that of architect – formerly called architect DPLG (graduates by the government) -.

The Interior designer

The interior designer designs and builds interior spaces (partitions, furniture, lighting, traffic flow in buildings, etc.).

Note that the interior designer has the obligation to take out civil liability insurance as well as a ten-year liability insurance contract.

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The Interior decorator

The interior decorator, on the other hand, advises, optimizes and harmonizes interior spaces. The borders are however sometimes blurred: an interior designer can offer you interior decoration services while an interior designer will do interior design without claiming it.

To choose between an interior designer and an interior decorator, it all depends on the person you meet … and your project!

differences between the Interior designer and Interior Decorator


An Interior designer to rethink spaces more deeply

The field of intervention of the interior designer is theoretically more varied and by calling on the latter, you will often benefit from architectural and decorative work.

“The interior designer will first be concerned with uses,” says Hugues Desbrousses, designer and interior architect. Do customers want an open kitchen? More light? More space? Add a maximum of storage? Enhance their housing from an energy point of view? Depending on the needs, the interior designer will rethink spaces, the distribution of rooms, circulation, and may even intervene on partitions and load-bearing walls, if the project requires it, ” he continues.

The interior designer can also, like the interior decorator, change atmospheres with new floor coverings or pretty wallpapers. In short, bring its decorative touch! And better, it can give you good ideas to gain m2 by optimizing the space of your accommodation.

An interior decorator to benefit from great creativity

Using an interior decorator means taking advantage of the services of a professional with a style all his own and a network of craftsmen, whom only he knows. A capital gain on knowledge of trends, materials and decorative objects (cushions, knick-knacks, objects found in flea markets).

For her house, Myriam hired interior decorator Rebecca Kierzbaum, thus benefiting from creativity off the beaten track. “Rebecca Kierzbaum, for example, called on an artist, who covered our fireplace with a very special technique of cold metallization,” recalls Myriam. “She bought a marble table, which she had made in Portugal;” ordered in Los Angeles and London hand-painted paper and reproduction of English paper from the 19th century; found in Belgium a rattan screen dating from the early 20th century. “. Or how to give character to an interior that lacked it!

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