Ways to store your books

20 Decorative Ideas to store your books well

Nicely arranged books for a decorative and organized interior

Decorative ways to store your books: Are the books piling up and the storage lacking in style? We have prepared a selection of simple or original decorating ideas, from storage tips to the choice of furniture, to store books by combining practical and aesthetic! 20 decorative ideas to store your books well

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1. Sort books by color

Arrange books according to the color

This is the favorite trick of decoration addicts to give character to their shelves: arrange books according to the color of their edges. The reds in one box, the blue in another, etc., with a gradient option for the pros of the palette. Rainbow effect guaranteed for a stylish bookcase!

2. Organize your books by playing with the senses

Books stored in well behaved manner

Why settle for well-behaved rows for storing books ? By playing with the heights or by setting them down, we create rhythm breaks that awaken the shelves. Some go so far as to store them upside down, slice towards the bottom, to harmonize the colors while keeping only the pages visible … but you might as well warn you, if the result is decorative, the search for a title precise quickly turns into a treasure hunt.

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3. Insert objects

Books stored with decorative items

Tidying up your books is good, putting them away in style even better. The secret ? Create real compositions by inserting souvenirs, trinkets, flowers and other decorative items. They allow you to break the shelves of too wise books and add your personal touch to any library!

4. Store your books in a headboard

Books stored in headboards

When the decor becomes functional, it is the entire layout that gains cachet. The proof with a library that plays the role of headboard for storing books, put up paintings and green plants or lean in the evening to read a book. The extra thing? Sort books by color to match the bed linens!

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5. Dress up a niche to store books

Decorative ways to store books

More discreet than the installed bookcase, the shelves integrated in a wall niche constitute a storage solution for books as practical as it is aesthetic. A few planks on cleats, a lick of paint, and that’s how to optimize a wasted space while tidying up nicely.

6. Use books as decorative objects

Books as Decorative objects

Some book covers are so graphic that it would be wrong to hide them. The good idea? Put away beautiful books prominently, like decorative objects, on a piece of furniture or a decorative fireplace, with a few candles and bouquets of flowers under a designer mirror.

7. Store your books like a cabinet of curiosities

Books arranged in cabinet

Attention, ultra-trendy decoration idea: for elegantly store your books, they are staged in an alcove or a cabinet converted into a cabinet of curiosities. In other words, they are exhibited with vintage or offbeat objects, from terrestrial globes to bottles, if possible in a dark cabinet.

8. Create an unstructured library

Books stored in unstructured wall

Handymen of genius excepted, we leave the creation to a pro or we buy the furniture ready-made. On the decorative side, on the other hand, the result goes off the beaten track and allows both put away books and dress up a wall with a design composition that remains practical. Who says better ?

9. Store your books in the stair railing

Books Stored in the stair railing

Decorative ways to store your books: Another idea that combines function and design is to use a bookcase as a railing… Or a railing as a library, it depends. We orient the edges towards the staircase to admire them while going up or towards the landing for a cozy reading corner, of your choice, and we adapt the materials to the style of the decoration!

10. Use books to separate a room

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: What if we kill two birds with one stone? For organize books with style and logic, we use a bookcase as a room divider. The different heights of the books let in the light while dividing the space, and as long as they are sorted by color, guaranteed graphic effect.

11. Slide plants between books

Plants between books stored in cabinets

Decorative ways to store your books: To wake up a library that’s a little too bland, there’s nothing like a touch of greenery. We slip some green plants between books, we let the leaves drip between the floors and if the place lacks light or watering risks damaging the books, we opt for artificial plants!

12. Store your books in wheeled trolleys

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: Want a design, scalable and practical installation? We store books in trolleys on wheels, THE trendy furniture of the moment. In addition to a real library or solo with several sideboards side by side, this is how to compose a tailor-made storage that moves between the rooms as you read it!

13. Recycle crates

Books stored in recycled crates

No need to have a real library on hand to store your books. With some recycled supermarket crates, raw or painted, we create chic and authentic DIY storage, as perfect in a rustic as industrial atmosphere. To be placed on shelves or directly on the floor, as desired!

14. Insulate books in custom-made storage

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: Favorite books in the living room, current books on the bedside table or work books on the desk? We offer them custom-made storage with small decorative boxes. From the metal box to the wooden house, we recycle, we buy or we manufacture, all that remains is to put them or even hang them on the wall.

15. Transform a bookcase into a decorative object to store your books

Transform bookcase into a decorative object to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: The classic bookcase, no thanks ? The structure is rotated by building diamond boxes. Their graphic lines adorn a wall or an alcove, the stored books remain visible and easily accessible, and you can place bonus decorative objects there as in any library… the extra originality!

16. Store your books in a vintage sideboard

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: Another decorative idea that changes from the soulless library, the vintage sideboard, also essential at the moment. A novelty with a retro effect or a real mottled piece of furniture, it gains even more character with a collection of beautiful volumes. And since it’s designed for storage, it’s perfect for storing books, in high buffet version as low buffet!

17. Recycle pallets for storing books

Decorative ways to store your books: In the recycling series, pallet furniture is also the key to give character to books. All you have to do is cut out the pallets to obtain ultra-trendy shelves which, once firmly fixed to the wall, turn into original bookcases in which to store your books!

18. Dare monochrome

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: We will not tell you that it is about the most practical option for storing books but yes, some go so far as to cover them up to compose a monochrome decoration or to harmonize them with their color theme. An idea to keep when you know exactly which books are hidden under the plain cover …

19. Store your books in a glass cabinet

For lovers of retro style, we have not found more decoration than a beautiful old cupboard for storing books. Glazed, if possible, to display the book collections, but without having to dust like on shelves!

20. Recycle a ladder for books

Decorative ways to store your books

Decorative ways to store your books: We knew the ladder was recycled as a shelf, why not store books there? Unfolded and placed or simply fixed to the wall, a vintage ladder turns into an original support to accommodate a paperback collection… And nothing prevents joining several of them to create a single library.

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