Top 10 Decorative Ideas for Kitchen Walls

If the furniture of the kitchen brings a large part of the decorative style of it, the decoration of the walls is also very important. To give style to your kitchen, we invite you to discover 10 decorating ideas for the walls of this room.

Slate paint

To express yourself but also to use the walls of the kitchen as a reminder, you can choose slate paint which will allow you to write on the walls. Cooking recipe, shopping list, menu or small messages to the inhabitants of the house will then be the decoration of the walls.

Wood on the walls

If you have a rustic feel in your kitchen, the walls are going to be able to help you establish this style. You can for example opt for wood on a section of wall. Several options are available to you with wallpaper that imitates wood or paneling for an even truer effect. Avoid installing wood on all walls to avoid suffocation.

Stone on the walls

For a very mineral style, facing stone is your ally. It can be installed on the wall of your splashback or on a section of the kitchen wall. Note that there are also coatings that imitate stone for a larger-than-life effect.

A section of colored wall

If your kitchen has natural tones, you can enhance the ensemble by opting for an ultra-colored wall section. For a warm and dynamic atmosphere, the orange color will be ideal and will wake up the kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Color on the walls

To energize the kitchen, nothing like color. And why stick to a single color when you can have fun with several shades. For example, you can paint squares of different colors in shades of blue for a very pixelated effect.

Color in the tiles

Know that your walls can take on a very decorative look by simply accessorizing the kitchen. For example, you can use tiles in a brighter color than your kitchen. Here, the blue of the tiles brings a dynamic touch to the black and white furniture.

Two-tone walls

To create a very original effect in the kitchen, you can choose a graphic effect for the kitchen walls. The splashback can thus occupy the lower part of the wall in one color and you can paint the upper part in a second color.

Bright walls

The credenza has formidable decorative assets. Today, there are very original models that will surprise your kitchen like this bright model that will perfectly illuminate the worktop.

Graphic walls

If you want a very original effect in the kitchen, you can bet on wallpaper with very graphic patterns and bright colors. For the wallpaper to settle in the kitchen, make sure that it is washable.

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