Decorating your home on a budget

Decorating your home on a budget: 4 Useful tips!

Decorating your home on a budget: I know it better than anyone: you like decorating your house nicely, but you don’t have a money tree in the garden (or you have other goals for your savings). Yet it is not that difficult to stylishly decorate your home on a small budget. In this blog, I give you some tips!

Furnishing the house on a small budget

I can become very jealous of it: people who can buy everything immediately and change it at home when they want to. I first have to consult with Sid (we have all the finances in one big pot) and we have to consider whether it is “worth it”. Some projects even need a savings plan.

That’s just very normal and human. It is also good to save for your goals and to have/keep wishes. Do you still want to furnish your home in a fun and budget-friendly way in the short term? Then read the following tips (and do not just read the headlines because sometimes something is not what it seems).

Decorating your home on a budget

1. Do it yourself

Decorating your home on a budget: It is known that I am a fan of DIY. Fortunately, I also have a handyman at home who can implement my ideas. Do you see a beautiful design piece of furniture? Then first check whether you can make it yourself or perhaps someone in your area. I wrote a blog about making your child’s bed yourself.

You can save a lot of money with this. If you are not so handy in odd jobs, you can buy a comparable bed from Jackie just cheap online. Do not forget that you can use discount codes online and compare prices. This way, you are often less expensive on your PC than in the shopping street. Tip: I recently saw a similar bed to Jackie’s online at Lidl!

wooden bedroom with a rustic feel - Decorating your home on a budget
Decorating your home on a budget

2. Budget stores

Decorating your home on a budget: Now you would think I’m going to promote buying from budget stores. So I’m not going to do that! You can purchase basic necessities at budget shops (think of kitchen textiles and the like).

Yet cheap is often expensive. I have experience with expensive bedding and with cheap bedding, and I can say with certainty that you better make a significant investment once. You can do this much longer, and it also stays beautiful for longer. After ten years, expensive bedding has cost you less than if you have to buy cheap bedding again and again.

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I myself am also guilty of “fun shopping” at the Action. I arrived with all kinds of small home accessories that I could buy for a few euros. I cannot recommend this either. Firstly, they are accessories that everyone already has (beautiful and original), and besides, they are often smaller, and it quickly gets messy in the house.

It is better to choose large items in the house that are a bit more expensive. Calculate what all those little odds and ends cost on an annual basis. For that money, you could also invest in beautiful big eye-catchers.

What you can do is shop online at budget stores. The nice (and sensible) budget stores that have a webshop are also extra attractive when you use a discount code. UO’s range of homes, for example, may well be worth checking out online! In addition, you are not so inclined to order knickknacks while shopping online.

3. Keep it simple

Decorating your home on a budget: Do you want a change at home? Then keep it simple. Change accessories around the house during the seasons (then save it from restoring the next year). This way, your house will look different every time, but it will save you a lot of money.

Do you really want a significant change at home? Then choose a beautiful wallpaper or paint a wall (or a flat or circle on the wall for a playful effect). Paint is not very expensive, and you may even be able to get it for free when someone has a remnant.

Wallpaper of a gorilla with a simple decor style - Decorating your home on a budget
Decorating your home on a budget

4. Reuse

Decorating your home on a budget: Some people prefer to buy everything new, but make no mistake about the power of reuse. Everything used to be a lot better in quality than today. So everything can easily last another round.

Go to the thrift store, scroll through the marketplace, or look in your own attic. You will be amazed at what “treasures” await you. You can also exchange furniture and accessories with friends or family.

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This way, you keep it affordable for everyone, and you always have a different interior. Check out the potential in products. Often you can make something look very lovely with a lick of paint.

Do you also have tips for decorating a house with a small budget? Share them in a comment!

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