Mountain Wall in kids room

10 ways to create a mountain wall in children’s rooms

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How to create a mountain motif on the wall of your children’s room? At the same time trendy, graphic and suitable for little ones, the mountain motif is a real success in the children’s room.

Do you want to please them by creating this type of decor? Well, today I suggest you discover how to get there. Whether with paint, Masking Tape or wallpaper, you can get there very easily.

A Mountain wall for children with paint

To start, it is a selection of mountain motif for the children’s room made with paint that I suggest you discover. I loved these different achievements which should inspire you.

On the first photo, I loved the realization presented below. Here, pink was chosen to create the mountain motif. To reproduce this, you will essentially only need masking tape and a little paint.

Mountain Wallpaper in Kids Room - Sociopup

Then I fell in love with the next photo. Again, the pattern is particularly successful and brings a nice colourful note in the room. To create an even more graphic effect, do not hesitate to install a rug with geometric patterns.

In the third photo, it was the colour that was chosen to create the mounting pattern on the wall that I particularly liked. Indeed, the latter brings real modernity to the room.


Then, if you want to create a two-tone mountain pattern in the bedroom of your dear little blond heads, you can take inspiration from the following photo. Here, the wall was first painted with green paint. The mountain motif was then made with a pretty blue.

Finally, I loved the last pattern. Again, these are two colours that have been chosen to create the mountain motif. You can also choose the colours of your choice to match your wall decor to the decoration of your child’s room.

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Mountain Wallpaper in Kids Room - Sociopup

Mountain Motif Wallpaper in the Children’s room

If you don’t want to paint the wall of your child’s bedroom, you can also create a mountain wall using wallpaper or stickers. I have selected a few on Etsy that you will love.

To start, I had a crush on the mountain sticker unearthed in the Wall Funk store on Etsy. The latter will be particularly perfect for a baby’s room and will create a fun and colourful atmosphere.

Mountain Wallpaper in Kids Room - Sociopup

Then I loved the following sticker. With its graphic and contemporary style, this mountain motif will suit a little girl’s room as well as that of a little boy.

The third sticker comes from the Stickered Deco store. I fell for a refined and graphic style. Note that you can also make this mountain motif with a simple roll of black Masking Tape.


Then, I suggest you discover a panoramic wallpaper unearthed on Etsy. You can use it to cover a whole section of the wall in your child’s bedroom. He will love the result without a doubt.

Finally, I have selected for you a mountain sticker offered in the Grafix Wall Art store on Etsy. Here, it was the colourful note brought by the sun that made me fall in love. A real favourite!

Mountain Wallpaper in Kids Room - Sociopup

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