Tips for cosy bedroom

5 Tips for a Cosy Bedroom

Do you remember the time when you retired to your bedroom to write in your journal or to have a good cry after being dismissed? Maybe your bedroom is still your favourite place. To be alone for a while, to make plans for the future or simply to sleep well on weekends. Cosy bedroom

Whether large or small, our bedroom is a place where we can be ourselves. A haven of peace, security and tranquillity. Both intimate and personal. Hence the importance that the interior of your bedroom suits you.

These 5 tips will help you find enough inspiration to make your bedroom a super comfortable and cosy place. Whether winter, fall, spring or summer.

5 Tips for a Cosy Bedroom - Sociopup

1 – Picture the style and furniture of your bedroom

“Think before you start. Before you start decorating your room, it’s important to think about what you want. Do you dream of a room in the country, modern or Scandinavian style? Cosy bedroom. Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful bedroom ideas on Pinterest. Or do as you did in the old days by making a collage of the most beautiful interior design images you have found in magazines

Picture the style and furniture of your bedroom

2 – Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom

When you think of decorating your bedroom, you inevitably think of all kinds of beautiful accessories and furniture, but in fact, it’s above all a beautiful bed that is the most important piece of furniture in the whole room. It is the centre of the room and it deserves your full attention.

Do you prefer a minimalist and sober style or rather robust and royal? In some bedding stores, such as Aarons, you can make your own bed. Combine & match the headboard, fabric and legs of your choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a box spring or a slatted base. Everything is possible. Everything is allowed. Let yourself be inspired by our bed designs and finishes in fabric, leather or wood. Choose what you like. And create your own sleep universe.

But of course, there is much more than just the look of your bed. Even if you have a nice bed, if it is not comfortable, it will not be worth much.

On the contrary, it will cause you to sleep problems or back pain. Optimal support comes first. This is why you should first choose your boxspring or slatted base according to your sleeping comfort. And only think of its appearance afterwards.

Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom - Sociopup

3 – Paint or line the wall behind your bed

And then there is the colour of your room to choose. The colour largely determines the atmosphere that reigns in the room. Most people choose light colours. A good choice, because light colours like pastel colours create peace and harmony. Or do you still prefer a dark shade for the walls of your bedroom?

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In this case, you only need to paint or line only one darker wall, and preferably the one behind your bed. A colourful wall makes you more restless. But when it is behind your bed, you do not see it when you are in bed. As for the general atmosphere, a coloured wall can have a stimulating effect.

Paint or line the wall behind your bed - Sociopup

4 – Decorative cushions, throws and other accessories

Interior magazines are full of them: beds full of cushions. Do you also wonder what it is for, all these cushions? At first glance, they may seem impractical, but they make your room look comfortable and cosy.

So do you have to sleep with all these cushions? Of course not. They are not called for nothing “decorative cushions”. They, therefore, serve as decoration for your bedroom. And when you go to bed, you simply remove the cushions from the bed.

In addition to decorative cushions, we also see more and more plaids and bedspreads adorning the bed. For if you are too cold? Although in this case, they can be useful, in general, they are purely decorative. In winter, for example, you can choose a wool or plush plaid to add a touch of warmth. In summer, a cotton bedspread will be sufficient. Cosy bedroom

Our advice: Do not stretch the bedspread over the entire width and length of your bed. This results in an overly rigid effect. Instead, drape the plaid over the end of the bed. Specifically over one of the corners. So you create a cozy nonchalance that you cannot resist.

The plaids and decorative give a personal touch to your bed But around your bed, there is still a lot of free space. It’s up to you to choose cosy accessories to decorate it with style.

Think for example of a few photo frames on the wall, an elegant vase on the window frame, a designer chair in a reading corner or a carpet that shows character next to the bed. Be careful not to overdo it so that your bedroom is not cluttered. Simplicity adorns it. Always. Cosy bedroom

Combine it all with matching bedding

Soothing colours, soft lighting, pretty accessories and a bed that is both comfortable and elegant. Your choice is made. Or almost in any case. Your room is now furnished, but have you also thought about your bedding?

A duvet cover whose colours clash with those of your interior Cosy bedroom. … It can’t be done! Fortunately, there are now bedsheets in the most beautiful materials and colours and with the most beautiful patterns. Textiles like sunbeams on your skin. Are you curious about the latest trends in duvet covers this winter?

One more piece of advice: if you have chosen a bedroom in a calm and neutral color, you can make your bed an eye-catching object by choosing a duvet cover with an impression or a striking color. But if your bedroom is rather crowded and brightly colored, it is better to choose a neutral or solid color duvet cover.

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