Complete Guide to Industrial Decor

Complete Guide To Industrial Decor

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1. What Is Industrial Style?

industrial decor style


What is industrial style? The answer is simple: a journey through time, more exactly an excursion into the 1920s and 1930s across the Atlantic. The great era of Fordism, working-class life, and prohibition.

The industrial style draws its source from those years when machines began to triumph over man, where speed settled into everyday life, and assembly-line production conquered the world.

During these two pivotal decades, we will begin to design objects and furniture that we will reproduce very quickly in large quantities and distribute to as many people as possible. To achieve such a result, the furniture will have to be strong and heavy.

Raw materials (metal and wood in the lead), strict lines, neutral colors, the industrial style is modeled on the world of work. No frills in these modern times, mainly functional … which will become devilishly aesthetic later!


The 80s reclaimed the industrial style. They give it a second youth and a new twist too. In reaction to the triumphant consumerist society of the 60s and 70s, we reuse the industrial style by investing in large spaces: abandoned factories, artists’ studios, lofts … In these places, we cultivate the charm of the past on the premises and furniture: exposed and damaged walls, exposed piping, wood or metal craft furniture…. We make sure to keep everything in its raw state.

The abandoned industrial places and objects, difficult to restore, seduced the time, architects, and designers.


Almost a century after its birth, the industrial style remains a sure bet in our interiors. It perfectly meets our current desires. We want objects that have a history, vintage furniture that is easy to integrate into our rooms, atmospheres that are not sanitized.

Despite the time, this style continues to adapt to any place and any surface. A delicate touch to practice, he does not content himself with distilling a few black pieces of furniture in metal or wood, he asks that we be interested in it and that we know how to spot the vintage and practical pieces that hit the mark in an interior …

2. Industrial Style On The Wall

First precept of this industrial style: it has a soul. So out of the question to leave white walls ! They must be brought back to the taste of the time, New York slums, factory atmospheres, all while managing not to darken the picture too much …

Industrial Style On The Wall


  • A wall with a trompe-l’oeil red brick effect wallpaper or even darker wallpaper (available at Saint-Maclou, Koziel, Castorama ).
  • A wall with aged wallpaper, reminiscent of the metal or used grays of the time (available from Sanderson ).
  • A wall painted in neutral shades of gray, taupe, beige …
Industrial Style lamp


  • A wall with floral wallpaper, the industrial style is the world of work, not that of a peaceful Sunday in the countryside.
  • A wall with geometric wallpaper, sobriety is the keyword of this style and not the trend.
  • A wall painted in bright colors such as yellow, orange, pink, red …

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3. Industrial Style On The Floor

On the ground side, the same advice applies. Your floor must feel the experience, in other words, a false aged floor, which refuses to shine at any cost … the opposite of a contemporary interior! industrial decor style

Industrial Style On The Floor


  • A waxed concrete floor but inevitably a dark shade (available at Mercadier )
  • A floor in gray vinyl tiles will give the place a very urban effect (available at Saint-Maclou ).
  • An aged parquet, since wood – anything but blond – is a real darling of industrial decor.
  • A dark rug for cozy rooms like the living room or bedroom.


  • A tiled floor, much too wise, cold, and clean for an industrial interior.
  • A floor in whitewashed parquet or light wood, much too attached to the Scandinavian style.

4. Industrial Style On The Furniture Side

Industrial Style On The Furniture Side


Living room par excellence, the living room will truly be the room where the industrial style can be perfectly deployed. The few essentials for this piece will be:

  • A Chesterfield-type leather sofa. If the wallet cannot follow, we will opt for a linen sofa but the color should be close to the following colors: black, gray, chocolate, taupe. The sofa area can be completed with armchairs of the same style.
  • A table or two in raw wood or metal large enough, because the industrial style generally sees things big!
  • A large bookcase in raw wood or matt metal accentuates the presence of these materials with high industrial potential in the room.
  • Furniture and pretty pieces found in flea markets damaged by time (Tolix chairs, metal lockers, retro wooden boxes).
  • Furniture on wheels (coffee table, end of sofa, TV cabinet) that evoke the mechanism of machines of the time.
Industrial Style On The Furniture Side 2


Forget the fitted kitchen, you will have to mix the materials and play the card of the expert in secondhand goods. industrial decor style

  • Black furniture is strongly recommended, touches of copper or brass are added, all materials related to industrial aesthetics.
  • The shelves will take place on the heights of the wall, rather than cupboards where you will lock your dishes, there you have to show them! Also, think about the china cabinets and showcases to showcase all this.
  • A large old-fashioned bowl on the sink side will have more effect than a classic sink.
  • A long wooden table will be required. Around her, mismatched chairs will take place. Tolix steel chair in different colors, wooden stool, bench, and architectural cabinet chair will be welcome.
Industrial Style On The bedroom side


The industrial style becomes more complicated on the bedroom side because if we can multiply the decor and furniture in the living room to highlight the industrial atmosphere, the sleeping area requires a softer decor. Here are some ways to adapt this style to the bedroom:

  • Use a leather headboard and endboard for a nod to the 1930s New York spirit.
  • Invent your own furniture, a headboard, or a pallet nightstand to summon the industrial spirit.
  • Add a leather armchair, vintage trunks for storage or as a nightstand.
  • Regarding bed linen, the industrial style law forbids you to use bright colors but advises you to favor linen bed linen in neutral shades.
Industrial Style On The office Side


If you are lucky enough to have such a room, or if by chance you want to include it in another room, the method is quite simple: your desk should be a carbon copy of a 1930s desk. industrial decor style

  • For the more adventurous, opt for a postal sorting office, the height of the chic of industrial decor! Otherwise, a black metal desk or secretary will suffice.
  • Add – absolutely – the bins nearby and a desk lamp articulated industrial style, of course!

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5. Industrial Style On The Decorative Side

Industrial Style On The Decorative Side


The lights play an important role in the industrial style. And yes, the furniture is generally dark, the walls are dark, so you have to light as much as possible … but not just any old way. industrial decor style

In the kitchen and in the living room, you have to bet on chrome metal suspensions. We do not skimp on the number, we multiply them especially above the large dining table or the work plan. We also let ourselves be tempted by the charm of the lampposts taking the shape of the cinema projectors of yesteryear. industrial decor style

On the bedroom side, as regards the suspensions, it will be good to fall for bare bulbs with a dark wire or portable lamps with a protective grid to evoke the atmosphere of the factory.


For an industrial style respected in the rules of the art, it is imperative to populate its rooms with decorative details evoking the world of work.

Which means? May the flea market become your new passion! It is by hunting that we will find the best parts: typewriter of yesteryear, barber’s mirror, ophthalmic board, old trade plates, storage locker, school board, sewing machine … Each of these pieces has a soul, a link with the years so dear to the industrial style. They will be proudly displayed throughout our rooms. industrial decor style

For the less reckless among you who will not risk running the Sunday flea markets, know that a good number of major decoration brands reproduce these flagship products ( Maisons du Monde , AM.PM , Conforama … )

AMERICANIZE your interior


This advice is a little extra, by no means compulsory, it just adds authenticity to the atmosphere. Since the industrial style was born across the Atlantic in the 1930s, we “Americanize” our decor! How? ‘Or’ What? By letting American brands or English terms evoking the atmosphere (“storage”, “loft”, “welcome”, “factory” ..) appear on our decorative objects (storage, cushions, dishes).

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