how to choose the perfect soil

How to choose the perfect soil? Here are 5 tips

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A quality floor easily represents 20% of your interior decoration budget. Reason enough to think carefully about your floor coverings. With these five tips to choose the perfect soil, make the most of your interior … and your money.

Tip 1: Consider your lifestyle

The crucial question to ask is ‘What is my lifestyle?’ A family with children needs a floor that is easy to maintain and fairly resistant. The ceramic tiles are the best choice. With natural stone and wood, you need to pay attention to certain substances.

As for the epoxy, it does not resist scratches. Consider these advantages and disadvantages of each type of soil. Do you want to keep dirt out of your floor? Opt for a structured floor or with nuances of tone.

This applies to all materials, even for epoxy floors with a clean appearance. This simple little detail will make the difference and the dirt will be less easily seen.

Tip 2: Choose a global concept

Consider the rest of your home and replace each decorative element as included in a set. You can easily change the colour of the walls. While your kitchen as well as other furniture, you have it for several years.

Therefore ask for samples to ensure the effect produced with the rest of the layout. They exist for all types of soil. Some manufacturers, however, require a small intervention.

Tip 4: Look for alternatives

Wood gives warmth to the room. But in some cases, parquet is not a good idea, such as near a wood fire. In this place, you should always lay a stone material. Imitation parquet tiles are a nice alternative.

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They combine the ease of maintenance of ceramic with the warm appearance of wood. However, make sure that the joints are the same colour as the ceramic. Otherwise, we will see right away that this is not a real parquet

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In the bathroom, the ceramic version of cement tiles is a good option. It is less smooth. In the living room, avoid placing cement slabs to form a pattern, but rather create tranquillity using large uniform surfaces.

In this type of flooring, there is also a ceramic variant in a lower price category. But in a real cement slab, any fragments are not seen. The material is coloured in the mass.

Tip 5: Mark out areas

Nowadays, the interiors are more and more open. Soil is, therefore, a practical means of delimiting zones. For example, parquet in the living room and tiles in the rest of the living room. However, follow the lines of your interior. Always place floors in line with walls.

If you combine parquet with tiles, take care that the transition is not too marked. Without wooden slat. Otherwise, you risk creating a frame that is less attractive. Also take into account the thickness of the different materials, so that the assembly is at the same level. choose perfect soil

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