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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean With These 9 Pro Tips

Keeping your carpet clean is a challenge. Even with the help of cleaning products, it’s not as simple as it seems. It’s not just about using the right products and getting down to business, it’s about having the right mindset and sticking to a few simple pro tips for carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning tips – Keeping your carpet clean is a challenge. Even with the help of cleaning products, it’s not as simple as it seems. It’s not just about using the right products and getting down to business, it’s about having the right mindset and sticking to a few simple pro tips for carpet cleaning.

It’s also about knowing when to clean your carpet and when to leave it alone. You don’t have to be an expert at keeping your carpet looking clean to get the most results, and you can keep your carpet looking fresh and clean with a few simple routines.

This article lists some simple tips on how to keep your carpet clean. Keep reading to know-how.

Note: Before you start, test on a part (if possible hidden) of the carpet. If in doubt, you can also check the material of your mat on its label for safe cleaning. You can always opt for a suitable carpet cleaner if you don’t want to take risks.

Carpet Cleaning Tips #1 – Vacuum Regularly 

carpet cleaning tips

It’s a common misconception that you need to clean your carpeting deep only after some damage has taken place. This makes sense because many people are likely used to their carpets staying cleaner for longer periods than they should. carpet cleaning tips

Normal carpets should require more maintenance throughout the day than those rugs which aren’t suitable for everyday living spaces or very busy households.

We know it seems like a lot, but when you break it down into less time-consuming sections spread out over a week, each household member would have to spend less than an hour on-site every day maintaining their carpeting with vacuuming every day and spot-cleaning as necessary.

There’s nothing complicated about how to proceed to get the job done: vacuum your carpet two times a week in “vacuuming” mode to give it a solid clean. The key is not to use the brush mode; rather, suck it up gently using normal suction. carpet cleaning tips

This way, you won’t break your machine or cause extra trouble. If you have one that’s old or very fragile like ours, though, exercise caution and avoid the brush mode to prevent any damage from happening.

Carpet Cleaning Tips #2 – Renovate Your Carpet With an Infusion of Potato Peelings

Renovate Your Carpet With an Infusion of Potato Peelings

Good news: if you can’t afford to hire an expert to renovate your carpet and make it look new, you can very well do it yourself with a simple DIY guide that requires no chemicals! A common household item you probably already have on hand is the potato.

To clean a dirty carpet, one should first create a special mush by mixing peels scraped off of potatoes and then softening up their mixture with water. carpet cleaning tips. Using a sponge moistened with the preparation, scrub your carpet from top to bottom. Leave it on for several hours to dry completely before washing the carpet down with water and finally letting it air dry without slapping your feet.



One easy way to freshen your carpets is with dish soap. Dish soap is a liquid that helps remove stains and kill germs. Before you begin this process, make sure if your carpet has colour-safe bleach added, as some soaps can temporarily discolour your carpet.

For floors that are not too dirty or stained, mix equal parts water and dish soap in an empty spray bottle, then mist the whole surface to dampen it. Let sit for 5 minutes, then scrub or wipe off the greasy dirt with a cloth.

Attach a brush to the spray spritzer for tougher stains and scrub away! Use warm water on stubborn spots but be careful not to soak your carpets as it can make them mouldy in damp areas. Always test small items or swatches of fabric first before treating the entire site!

After washing, take out any remaining residue by rubbing a little vinegar over the spot with a soft cloth. Then allow the entire area to dry completely before putting the furnishing back on.


Imagine. It’s your rack. All your friends are gathered at your home to celebrate your move into this new, freshly renovated apartment. carpet cleaning tips. Over a drink, everyone raves about the pretty decoration you have chosen. Suddenly, tragedy strikes the clumsy gesture of a guest throwing a few drops of wine onto your brand new beige carpet …

You have to react and quickly. To overcome splashes of wine (or juice, tea, coffee, etc.), sparkling water remains your best ally.

How to do it? A single watchword to find a clean carpet: speed! First, mop up the spilt liquid with paper towels: above all, avoid pressing the stain against the rug. Sprinkle it with a little sparkling water. Then absorb the sparkling water with a clean cloth. The operation can be repeated as many times as necessary.

It might seem strange to combine sparkling water with baking soda to remove stains, but believe it or not, doing so is very effective.

In addition to sanitising your surfaces of various stain-related problems that you may encounter, this 100% natural powder instantly revives colours from old stains. carpet cleaning tips. It brings them back to life so they can sparkle once again! Pour sparkling water over the area and brush in light circular motions for about 20 seconds until all of the remaining debris (in this case, any leftover dirt collected by your carpet due to their regular wear) amongst the fibres is completely gone.

Leave for 7 minutes just as before, and then sprinkle your carpet with baking soda. Leave for several hours, then vacuum the rug carefully, so no remnants of the baking soda are left behind!

Carpet Cleaning Tips #5 – ADOPT THE IRON TECHNIQUE


Do you think your living room rug is unrecoverable? Try this somewhat unusual method for a tough stain. It requires an iron, white vinegar and a cloth.

Here is the user manual:

  1. Set your iron to the highest steam level and let it heat up for a few minutes;
  2. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part white household vinegar;
  3. Spray this mixture on the stain. Our advice: first spray the contours of it to prevent it from spreading;
  4. Cover the area with a damp, light-coloured cloth;
  5. Go over the cloth with your iron back and forth for about 10 seconds.
  6. The stain should transfer to the fabric. If necessary, repeat this same gesture on another area of ​​the towel.

However, be careful about the composition of your mat: some materials cannot withstand high temperatures and may be damaged.


carpet cleaning tips

Terre de Sommières is a kind of clay with the same purifying properties as bicarbonate. Naturally decreasing, it saves you the day in the event of stubborn marks on your carpet! Perfect for neutralising bad smells, this fine beige powder is used for dry cleaning.

What carpets is it suitable for? Terre de Sommières cleans without bleaching, making it an excellent ecological cleaner for the most fragile materials, such as wool carpets.

Particularly radical on greasy stains, it lasts over time. The bonus? You can use it to wash different kinds of surfaces (cushions, leather, sofas, marble, clothes) and make your household products. carpet cleaning tips. Of natural origin, non-toxic and economical, the land of Sommières is good! Find it easily in organic stores, DIY, or even online.

Follow these different steps:

  1. Sprinkle the powder completely on your carpet;
  2. Leave to act for several hours (all night if you can for maximum efficiency);
  3. Rub with a brush to remove dirt thoroughly;
  4. Vacuum to remove all the powder. If you have a shaggy carpet (with long hair), prefer to vacuum it with a small nozzle. Otherwise, it will break its fibres.

Do not hesitate to renew the operation in case of stubborn stains.

Warning: Apply the Sommières earth on a completely dry surface.

Carpet Cleaning Tips #7 – Mix Dishwashing Liquid and White Vinegar

Like many eco-minded consumers, your cleaners of choice probably consist of natural and environmentally friendly versions. While these usually make for safer, healthier living options in the home, you may find yourself on a quest for allies to fight even the toughest stains or odours in our homes.

If your favourite carpets have been collecting dirt over time and are now coated with sebum, there’s no need to panic; instead, take an instant-action remedy out of a place where you’d least expect it – your kitchen cupboard!

To remove a spot on your carpet, mix equal parts dishwashing liquid and water into a bowl. Take a clean cloth and dip it into the mixture. Place the fabric over the stain and let it sit for several minutes. Take a second or even third cloth if you’re experiencing difficulty blotting up excess moisture.

Once done, using another clean towel, soak up any remaining water from the area you stained (if any). Then use a brush to scrub at the spot with its bristles covered in white vinegar. carpet cleaning tips. Using this method should lift your carpet’s surface fibres making old stains more visible than before, so it becomes easier to blot them away with yet another dry towel after brushing them out of the weave. This will help minimise undesirable staining in your carpets overall!

Carpet Cleaning Tips #8 – Use Shaving Foam to Clean a Stained Carpet

carpet cleaning tips

If you want your carpet to look and feel clean and fresh like most of us, one of the easiest ways to do it is by using an innocent-looking bottle that will make life easier for you. For years, barbers have used shaving foam who shave hair from their clients with it. carpet cleaning tips. It turns out that shaving foam has absorbent power, making it a safe bet for removing stains and a great alternative to more specialised products in need of cleaning carpets. If you wish to remove stains from your carpet:

  1. Apply the shaving foam to the damaged parts of the mat
  2. Leave the foam to act for at least an hour (overnight if the stain is well encrusted)
  3. Scrub vigorously with a sponge
  4. Rinse with clean water

To loosen the carpet with shaving foam, you can leave the foam on overnight and vacuum the next morning.

You may have just gotten rid of what would have otherwise looked like a permanent spot on your carpet!

Carpet Cleaning Tips #9 – Use Mineral Spirits

One of the best ways to remove stains from carpets, especially stubborn ones, is to use mineral spirits. Pour a generous amount on the carpet, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub at the affected area with a brush before allowing it to dry. When dry, vacuum up the residue, and no trace will remain of your stains!

Bonus tip: Have your carpet cleaned at the dry cleaners

carpet cleaning tips

If your carpeting is too dirty or you’re afraid of damaging it by trying these grandmother tips, you always have the option of dropping it off at the dry cleaners for professional cleaning. carpet cleaning tips. It will be more expensive, but there’s one unique benefit to consider: the store where you handed the job will take full responsibility if anything goes wrong.

The dry cleaners will either apply detergents or old-fashioned tricks to wash your carpet, and it will be returned to you packaged and clean. And all you have to do is be careful to avoid making new stains. 

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