How to Highlight dark Hallway

6 Tips to Brighten a Dark Hallway in 2020

Tips to Brighten a Dark Hallway: The corridor is a passageway often overlooked in terms of decoration. It must be said that it is not always easy to find ideas to furnish and decorate this narrow and dark space that one does nothing but borrow without really staying there.

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However, there are simple ideas to give it a little life and enhance it. Here are our tips for getting there without breaking the bank.

Here are 6 Tips to Brighten a Dark Hallway

1. Prefer light colours

Prefer Light colours - brighten your hallway

If your corridor is dark, choose light and bright colours for your floor and walls. Avoid dark shades that reduce space and prefer white, off-white, beige, pale pink or other light, pastel colours. These tones will brighten your hallway and give you a feeling of grandeur.

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For your floor, opt for light colours too. However, if you have beautiful tiling or solid wood flooring, it would be a shame to change them. You can put a light carpet on it for example to bring a little light.

2. Play with colour variations

play with variations - brighten your hallway

If you do not want to paint your corridor in a light colour or if you want to add a little colour to it, paint a wall with a more pronounced colour, such as blue, red, green, parma, yellow, orange, etc.

Keep the other walls and the ceiling in white or off-white to highlight the colour without darkening your corridor.

If you want to shade the colours, there are very nice wallpapers that can decorate one of your walls. Aesthetic, they structure the space and can bring depth and light to a dark corridor at a lower cost. Brighten Dark Hallway

3. Bet on the right lighting

Find Right Lightning for brightening your hallway

Don’t leave your hallway plunged into darkness. Choose suitable lighting to bring it back to life and enhance it. You are spoiled for choice and you can even set up several types of lights to vary the moods according to your desires. If the ceiling lamp is a good way to light up, the wall lights offer a beautiful more subdued, cosy and warm lighting.

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For a more original atmosphere, bet on an elegant floor lamp and for a warm atmosphere put a pretty table lamp on a console. Finally, to combine pleasant with decoration, opt for candles or light garlands, to attach to the wall or place on a console, a shelf or a small piece of furniture. Brighten Dark Hallway

4. Install mirrors

install mirrors for decorative elements - brighten your hallway

Mirrors are both functional and decorative elements. Practical, they give an impression of enlarged space thanks to the reflections. Brighten Dark Hallway. There are all styles to suit any mood. Small, large, round, square, rectangular, wave, with or without frame … the choices are multiple and perfect for decorating and restoring value to a dark and neglected corridor.

Furthermore, mirrors are a good way to bring even more light to this room. By reflecting the lights, they reinforce the already present luminosity for a successful effect of clarity.

5. Do not forget to decorate your hallway

decorate your hallway - brighten your hallway

It is not because it is a place of passage that the corridor should be devoid of decoration. Brighten Dark Hallway. Depending on the space you have, do not hesitate to place a pretty light and narrow console on which you will place some decorative objects. Vases, plants, candles… the choice is vast! You can even attach light and decorative shelves to the wall to store books and trinkets.

6. Install a glass door

install a glass door -brighten your hallway

If your dark corridor leads to several bright rooms, you can install a glass door in a living room. Sunlight can thus bring a little clarity to this place of passage. This option is even possible with a room such as a bedroom for example.

To preserve your privacy, all you have to do is install a door with opaque glass, which will let light through without showing you when you are inside.

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