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Which material to choose for a bed linen that keeps you warm?

The best ally against chilly nights

Winter is coming and with it, the nights are getting cooler … Instead of shivering in your bed, why not simply choose suitable bed linen? linen that keeps you warm.

Perfect bed linen for winter, it exists!

linen that keeps you warm: As winter slowly passes, the comfort of your bed is not something to be taken lightly. On the contrary, we rather want to be wrapped up and bundled up and to feel the weight of a blanket or a very thick duvet. Not to mention the importance of having efficient heating in the room, which is neither too hot nor too cold. But did you know that you can also take advantage of bed linen to protect yourself from the cold? Here is a small inventory of bed linen materials that will make your nights sweet.

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What materials to choose for winter bed linen?

linen that keeps you warm: Certain materials are all suitable for composing your winter linen. Some materials even have the ability to absorb heat and restore freshness. This is particularly the case for linen, which has been very trendy in recent years.

It is a natural fiber, has thermoregulatory capacities: in contact with it, we have a feeling of freshness in summer and a feeling of heat in winter. This is due to the presence of air held between its fibers, thus giving it an insulating power.

The same property is attributed to silk. Cool in summer and warm in winter, it also acts as an insulating barrier, retaining your body heat overnight. It is also a very soft material, pleasant for the skin. We especially recommend it if you have skin problems, and you don’t like itchy tissue.

Flannel can be used as bed linen. In this case it is not in woolen fabric but in cotton, which is why it is sometimes called brushed cotton or, more colloquially, pilou. It has the advantage of being both soft and warm, which particularly appeals to children. However, unlike silk or linen, it is a hot material that is difficult to endure in summer. We therefore choose flannel in the case of a very cool room, where the temperature never exceeds 18°c.

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Make the right choice for the duvet

linen that keeps you warm: Did you know that there are winter duvets and summer duvets? To complete your bed linen, choose a duvet according to its weight. Indeed, the higher the grammage, that is to say the weight of the filling, the more your duvet is warm and insulating. However, be careful not to over cover yourself too. If your room is already well heated (normally we recommend 18 or 19 ° C for a room), no need to add too much to not disturb your sleep.

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Other tips for a warm and welcoming bed this winter

linen that keeps you warm: There are also other solutions to slip under warm sheets when winter arrives, without having to redo all your bed linen. If you are cautious, consider the heated mattress topper. Connected to the mains, this kind of heating blanket is installed between the mattress and the fitted sheet. You just need to turn it on in the evening about 30 minutes before going to bed to warm the bed. You’ll see, it’s a real treat!

You can also warm your bed by adding a comforter or a quilt on your quilt. It is particularly suitable for those who are cautious and who want to be warm all night. The boutis generally takes up less space than the quilt. It is placed at the end of the bed, at the level of the feet.

Finally, another well-known tip, especially to our grandmothers: the traditional hot water bottle! Slip it between the sheets at bedtime or a little before, and let yourself be invaded by its comforting warmth. Economical and simple!


linen that keeps you warm: Winter is coming and with it, the nights are getting cooler. Instead of shivering in your bed, why not simply choose suitable bed linen? We’ve put together these five tips to help you get a better night’s sleep this winter season so that you can enjoy those long dark evenings by reading a book or watching TV. Which tip you loved the most, do tell us in the comments!

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