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Tips to Enhance your walls

20 Beautiful Original Shelves to Enhance your Walls for 2021

Are you in need of storage or do you consider your walls to be insignificant? The wall shelf comes to your rescue to occupy space.

Discover 20 models likely to welcome your reading as your trinkets.

It is part of the leading furniture clan to bring a trendy touch to an interior. She is the wall shelf. Long confined to the look of a simple wooden shelf , capable of being embedded in all the rooms of the house, it emancipated itself under the inventiveness of the designers and thus revealed its fanciful potential to awaken our rooms.

The wall shelf, the ally for storing as well as for displaying

The wall shelf is on the rise in our interiors. You just have to take a look in your magazines or decoration catalog, and you will find that it is embedded everywhere to personalize a décor.

And for good reason, in decoration, the time has come to display your goods. Books, trinkets, designer vases and other precious charms find pride of place on these designer wall shelves .

Ideal spot to display all a bunch of small things that are dear to you, the shelf fits just as well above a bed, a radiator, a window as a sofa or a desk . The range of possibilities of the shelf is vast.

Its asset is obviously not only decoration. The wall shelf is very popular for literally “furnishing” more complex spaces such as a small hallway , a staircase or a storage room.

An original wall shelf for a unique wall

The shelf is no longer content to be a simple wooden board with brackets or brackets fixed to the wall. Depending on the shape of the shelf chosen, you can multiply this model to give more singularity to your entire wall.

In the kitchen, for example, this will give a wall worthy of a professional kitchen with a string of jars and in the living room rows of books worthy of a library! The shelf in a living room will accommodate your reading and collections of objects, ditto in the bedroom. In a bathroom, the shelf can accommodate small decoration as well as beauty products.

To help you find the ideal spot to display your decoration, here are 20 models of original wall shelves to sublimate a section of wall that is too wise.

1/20 | An original wall shelf, IKEA

Wall shelf “SVENSHULT”, gold color 60 x 20 cm, 12.99 euros, IKEA

2/20 | A Rattan wall shelf, Made

“Clare” rattan wall shelf, 49 euros, Made

3/20 | A minimalist wall shelf, Studio Hausen

Duo “Link” shelf in oak and black steel, 109 x 24 cm, 650 euros, Studio Hausen at The Cool Republic

4/20 | A metal wall shelf, Ferm Living

Large “Gami” metal shelf, L 60 cm, 95 euros, Ferm Living at Made In Design

5/20 | A wall shelf in cane, Nordal

Rattan “Shelfi L” shelf, 91 x 13 x 10 cm, 105 euros, Nordal on The Cool Republic

6/20 | A white wall shelf, IKEA

Wall shelf combination “BURHULT / SIBBHULT”, 59 x 20 cm, 7.98 euros, IKEA

7/20 | A wooden wall shelf, Kave Home

“Catrina” wall shelf, 51 x 42 cm, 35 euros, Kave Home

8/20 | A round wall shelf, Blooming Ville

Natural wall shelf, 199 euros, Blooming Ville on French Rosa

9/20 | A Metal and wood wall shelf, Leroy Merlin

Pine wood shelf, 9.99 euros + “My Tube” wardrobe bar, D 25 cm, 5.49 euros + three-tube fitting, 3.29 euros, Leroy Merlin

10/20 | A Rattan wall shelf, alinea

“Tesse” oval rattan wall shelf, L 80 cm, 99 euros, Alinea

11/20 | A showcase-style wall shelf, House Doctor

Wall shelf “Keeper” 4 storage, 62 euros, House Doctor on French Rosa

12/20 | A pastel wall shelf, Muuto

“Folded” shelf, with compartment and hooks, 62 x 16.5 x 12.4 cm, 129 euros, Muuto

13/20 | A designer wall shelf, Kann Design

“Epure” shelf in teak and steel wire, design AC / AL Studio, L 85 P 17 H 19 cm, 195 euros, Kann Design

14/20 | A Wall shelf combining marble and brass,

“T-Square” shelf, Design Michael Anastassiades, Arabescato white marble top, polished solid brass support, L 100 x D 20 x H 50 cm, 9366 euros, Coedition at Silvera

15/20 | A trendy wall shelf, String Furniture

“String Pocket?” Shelf in painted lacquered steel, W 60 x D 15 x H 50 cm, 144 euros, String Furniture at Made in Design

16/20 | One hanging wall shelf, Bolia

“Bridge” shelf, Outofstock design, in powder-coated steel and solid oak, W 103 cm x D 23 cm, 459 euros, Bolia

17/20 | A Unstructured wire shelf, La Chance

“Climb” shelf in birch with multicolored uprights, W 120 x H 155 x D 22 cm, 702 euros, La Chance chez Made In Design

18/20 | An industrial wall shelf, alinea

“Fir” wood and black metal mesh wall shelf, L 67cm, 25 euros, Alinea

19/20 | A small wall shelf, & Tradition

“Column” shelf in solid walnut and aluminum, Ø 25 x H 17 cm, 148 euros, & tradition at Made In Design

20/20 | A Graphic wall shelf, Maison’s du monde

“Modernist” black metal graphic shelf, H 80 x W 80 cm, 89.90 euros, Maison’s du monde

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