Adopting the Slow Deco

Top 5 Tips for Adopting the “Slow Deco”

Adopting the slow deco

Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco: Clean up your decor, buy less to renovate more, invest in objects made from natural materials… In decoration too, the trend is “slow”, slowing down. And the confinement, which forced us to ease off, only reinforced this aspiration. No more racing and accumulation, more than ever, we want a comforting, green and minimalist cocoon where it is good to live and sometimes also to work. The tracks to switch to “slow deco”.

Uncluttered interior, natural materials, soothing colours… Also in decoration, time and slowing down and softness. Our tips for getting started.

Here are 5 Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco

1. Sort to Declutter

making space for adopting slow deco
Adopting the slow deco

Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco: For many, the confinement was the occasion of a great sorting in the house. From the attic to the cellar, we have sorted, thrown away, put away … and measured the crazy good that the gain of precious m2 provides.

Do you still have a chest of drawers to empty that you haven’t tackled? Do not relax your efforts, minimalism is the watchword of slow deco, you are almost there! We need to declutter to better res-pi-rer.

2. Nature in the spotlight

using plants and wood for adopting the slow deco
Adopting the slow deco

Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco: After the “exotic” trend, make way for sobriety and natural materials. Wicker basket to store the sofa blanket or act as a flowerpot, rattan chairs or mirror, raw wood furniture … These new decor essentials transform our house into a second home.

Add a bouquet of dried flowers in the living room and a set of linen sheets in the bedroom that will refresh the summer nights, close your eyes and you are in the countryside or by the sea!

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3. Relaxing colours

Colours to choose for adopting the slow deco
Adopting the slow deco

Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco: Water green, beige, ecru, powder pink … The trend is not in bright colours but in soft and soothing tones. If you need to repaint a room in your cocoon, or change your linens, play the pastel card for a restful result and visual harmony.

You will get tired of it less quickly and new cushions, a new lamp, a new frame, a strip of wallpaper or a carpet will be enough to give it some extra pep in a few years.

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4. Responsible brands and green paint

Tips for Adopting the Slow Deco: As with our clothes, the time has come for sustainability, “own” brands and responsible manufacturing. Buying French furniture is possible (depending on your budget): La Camif, Gautier or Drugeot Labo offer furniture made in France, the Lab, La Compagnie du blanc, or Blanc des Vosges brands, household linen.

When it comes to paints, the brands are also going green and taking care of their composition Colibri offers an eco-responsible range based on water and plant resin, Algo, paints based on algae and Farrow & Balls, a range made with water.

Enough to limit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), responsible for odours and harmful to our health.

5. Renovate, hunt …

Cupboard for adopting the slow deco
Adopting the slow deco

The slow-deco also claims authenticity. Good news, many of us took a passion for DIY and renovation during the confinement. Tables and dressers sold in furniture stores have the merit of sparing our budget but lack soul and are generally damaged more quickly.

To give relief to our interior by reducing our carbon footprint, we are betting on the old brought up to date.

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